Backyard Outdoor Living Space Makeover: Landscaping Time Lapse

Backyard Outdoor Living Space Makeover: Landscaping Time Lapse

This outdoor living space hardscape project in Bedford, NH included the construction of a double tiered raised patio, sitting walls, fireplace, grill unit, granite steps, paver walkway, and plantings. Techo-Bloc Blu60 slabs make up the patios. Mini Creta wall block was used for the sitting walls, retaining walls, and grill unit. A Tech-Bloc foyer fire place unit was installed. The granite steps were from Swenson Granite Works. Tech-Bloc Allegro pavers were used for the walk way from the patio to the driveway and plant material from Freshwater Farms was installed. Fifty-six pallets of material created this outdoor living space which will be enjoyed for years to come!

This is my largest time lapse to date. This project took a little over a month to complete. Over 80,000 photos make up this video, and a lot of time editing!

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Bibber P says:

$250K? Am I even close?

jbonegw says:

Beautiful job. šŸ‘

Cat Js says:

Crazy beautiful šŸ˜ŠšŸ‘šŸ‘šŸŽ‰šŸŽŠ

Shawn says:

I know it cost quite a bit to do this but Iā€™m sure the home value increased significantly by doing this addition. Looks really good

mickey4291 says:

Who is the Dirt Ninja? And what kind of bank is this guy pulling in? It has to be extraordinary based on these jobs he's contracted to do. Good on him…I'm impressed.

D says:

I'm surprised you didn't start the footings lower in the ground. Not worried about freeze and thaw and settling?

LandMaster says:

Wow nicely done. What did that backyard cost that client to build?

Yue Zeng says:

OMG, this is so satisfying! Love it so much!

Joey Parsons says:

Hey I helped do this!

stev7mgte says:

What was the cost of the entire project?

william smith says:

wow lots of geo grid, excellent job.

Dennis Gannon says:

Amazing transformation. More room to enjoy and socialize. Turned a plain backyard into an extra area to entertain and enjoy the outdoors. Must have really increased the value of the home too. It looks very beautiful. I can imagine the first party out there.

Rodo M. says:

did no like the change —it was better before

Fur Gulley says:

wow this is fantastic! you guys are truly top notch craftsman!

Levi Lemon says:

How much did you charge for the project?

Adam Stanger says:

How long did that project take to complete and approximately how much did that job cost?
Thanks in advance

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