BIG Landscaping Project !!!

BIG Landscaping Project  !!!

BIG Landscaping Project !!!

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Joseph Fox says:

I seen a cool trick I am sure you know about putting a piece of pcv pipe down to the root ball has you back fill and you can run water straight to the roots, you can cut it off flush with the ground, thanks for the vids

Happy's Family says:

That was lots of moving pallets and trees, I would've been so tired by the end of the day!

Derrick Knighton says:

what happen to the two nicks

MNpicker says:

That place is gonna ls gonna look awesome….In about 10 years.. I really like linden's!

Norman Banks says:

I watch the video last year were you cleaned all that area out. Why do that and then plant trees this year, why didn't you just leave trees there and do a ground cleanup and plant grass seed?

tom519az says:

I thought you quit You Tube

Bob Eddy says:

I think you need to change up your music.

no a says:

Been watching since way back Chant… since u had hundred views per video. You are the man Chant!!

Adam Mumea says:

Did I see a New truck???

James Lee Jr says:

What inda trees are those?

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