Corrugated raised garden bed – DIY Easy build project to beautify you garden

Corrugated raised garden bed – DIY Easy build project to beautify you garden

Here is an easy to make but beautiful raised bed I made out of some scrap lumber and scrap pieces of corrugated metal. It took a little under 2 hours and would be a great project for your own garden! Hope you enjoy the video. Please subscribe and ‘like’ if you enjoyed this video:)



George Senda says:

Could you use plastic or would that leach into the plants ?

Rebekah Nance says:

Can you show me how you made your plug for starting seeds? THE MATERIALS??? Thank you love your videos

Joe Little says:

Great video. Do you have any that are a few years old? I'm curious about how the metal ages (rusts).

Jennifer S says:

what Screws and nails did you use I am new to building..

spygrip says:

Great Job…. Looks Nice

WhiteKeys007 says:

I like this design. It must keep the soil cool.

pcguy says:

I like it. Should get a few years of use out of it.

Manny Cazares says:

pure genius

Robert Seviour says:

Nice project. I never thought of using corrugated sheet metal for the sides – good idea.

Lucas Gist says:

wow I could never do that that is amazing

Ann Poucher says:

I like this a lot. Great idea. Wish I had some.

Honey Wavves says:

looks beautiful!!

Bob Bob says:

If you cut the zinc with tin snips it will smear the zinc over the end, cutting with a grinder will cause the exposed ends to rust as it doesn't smear the zinc coating 👍🏻👍🏻 good job

Banjo111 1 says:

Nice neat job well done

brightwoods341 says:

I like it! But isn't flashing made from lead? Isn't that a concern for health reasons? Just asking because I am not sure.

Azrielle77 says:

thank you for posting, i am going to see if i can make this. fingers crossed that for this beginner it will turn out.. cheers..

Cheeto Fingers says:

I'd like to have 3 of those but we're old and my husband can't tackle a project that big anymore and I never could. I'd be willing to buy them and I'm a tightwad. I can tell you're young because you do all your work at floor level.  As you age your work will rise to waist level so you don't have to bend over so much.

Djuanlarocca says:

Like a lot Thanks!

theuglykwan says:

Look better than alot of store purchased ones. And you are like a production line! I know i'd make u take some orders for me if i lived in your neighbourhood!

Miss Joanna says:


Iron Stone says:

Great video. Thanks for sharing.

matthew parrott says:

I have not been able to find 4×8 sheets of the corrugated metal at home depot they only have  2 1/2x 8, do you know any good places that would sell it?

Green Talk says:

What are the corner pieces made of?  Where can I get it?

Matt Freylack says:

thanks for keeping it short, very creative and to the point!

Judy Thayer says:

Thanks!  It looks great and I really appreciate your moving it right along!

B Cook says:

Thanks for the video.  I hadnt thought of looking for the imperfect woods for cheaper, and thatll definitely help reduce some cost.

SanDiegoFreddy says:

Thanks for posting the video. I plan on building one of these soon, but elevated with a floor and drainage holes since I'll be placing it over concrete.

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