DIY Concrete PVC LED Path Light

DIY Concrete PVC LED Path Light

DIY Concrete PVC LED Path Light is Easy to make for about $10. using some 3 in PVC pipe and concrete. this is a fun and easy project that will not require that many tools. you can use a standard LED light bulb to save money on your electric bill.

E27 RGB LED Bulbs with Remote Control, 3W LED Spot light

Lamp Holder, Bronze

GE Lamp Cord Set with Molded Plug, 8-Foot,

Epoxy Putty Stick 4 oz. Fast, Permanent Repair for Metal, Fiberglass, Wood, Plastic

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Please watch: “Modern DIY LED Rings Pendant Light”



Bella's Patio Garden says:

great project – it's really beautiful. I want a couple for my garden.

2111 Corps says:

Very nice job Sir and well done. So easy today to just run out and by a pre-set, pre fab, box light. You took the time and your well placed  effort to build these yourself with a little thinking outside the box and your ingenuity .(Great idea with the sander to vibrate down the mix and tighten to remove the air pockets/bubbles) .  As Shane mentioned below, there is more to the light than just  saving money. The most important part. YOU built  them and took pride in your work. You will always get a few non-constructive nit pick idiots that try and knock stuff rather than seeing your effort and make  comments nocking the work, but was good to see  you got mostly great ,helpful input from guys  like Shane, Nick,Kevin,Chris, fillg, Scott and DIY, who appreciate your work ethic and learn from others.  Thanks for sharing the process with us Chris, and best of luck on  future endeavours/projects .  Look forward to seeing more.    Thanks. 03sdscorps21

Charles Bronsen says:

Oh man need some extasy.

Mason Weiss says:

You can buy end caps of pvc and completely cut out the first half of this video

plinco says:

Heating PVC is super fucking toxic.

JPVegh says:

Not to enthusiastic about dealing with all of that pvc dust but all in all this is a pretty cool project. I like the clean look of your diy cap vs a store bought cap.

Angel Rodriguez says:

nice work 👍

Michel Brunette says:

Love this project, gotta make some. Thanks for sharing.

P Patro says:

can you make a sand blaster using PVC?

LP81 says:

If the goal was a cap the same diameter, I think cutting and gluing, then just use a trim router/ pattern bit to match perfectly, no volt and dancing to get it just right. Keep on keepin' on, great ideas. Don't feed the trolls with attention, the bitch about nothing yet don't have the cajones to make their own videos and deal with other trolls.

Decent Neymour says:

Great job. Will try it.

pockeybear milk says:

I like your project

Sylvia Perez says:

Could it be made with a battery? I liked it for lighting my daughter's grave.

Rob bigemon says:

That's bad ass cool deal I may try them for my porch

J Gamble says:

I like these. If I had the tools, I would make these for my 9 yr olds room and the patio area.

Charles McKinney says:

what kind of tool to usr to 'plit' it?

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