DIY Landscaping The New Country Home; Part 1 The Layout….

DIY Landscaping The New Country Home; Part 1 The Layout….

Oh no, is it that time already???? Watch as the very talented Mrs. Kapper Lays out a map (literally) to how we are going to landscape the New Country Dream Home on a very tight budget. Also there are some clips on how we dug out the huge stones that will be part of this landscape adventure. Stay tuned for this mini series as we progress on this project! Order your own custom Kapper Outdoors T shirts, Hoodies or coffee mugs to help support our channel to help keep our great content coming:



Kapper Outdoors says:

We've decided to move all the plants out a couple feet after many insightful comments. THANKS

Trees Climbing Gear says:

You got one thing right.. They are the Queens..
tho I refuse to bow 🙇 a curtsey perhaps . lol 😂

travis smith says:

New to your channel. Awesome stuff. Were u a vet? Thank you u saved me hours of time this year by watching your videos. I own a 40 acer property in northern michigan.

Sydney Kapitany says:

It's gonna look so good!!!

M and B Homestead says:

looks good, love the plans and the use of the items you got from building the lake. Hope the lake fills soon. looking forward to seeing the landscaping completed. thanks for sharing

Geoff Gyro says:

Mrs Kapp is very artistic.
May I suggest making the planting bed wider than 3'.
Might look cramped when the plants grow.

muxxor says:

One suggestion some steel landscape edging would be good to define the edge between lawn and pea gravel and from the lawn and driveway. Lookup 3/16 or 1/4 commercial steel landscape edging it ussually comes in 16' lengths. You won't find it at big box stores but any landscape supply place should have it. It shouldn't cost too much you won't need alot for area.

memyselfand ifarmer says:

hvy plastic on the ground and buy more round up for the future.

g mass says:

Mrs. Kapper living the dream….time for a little yard work….

Howard Parsons says:

did you think of edging to keep the pea stone in the beds, I would use a bigger stone for the reason come fall and you want to clean the leafs out of the bed rather you rake or use a blower pea stone comes out very easy

linda dale says:

good job, could you show the full picture that was behind you please. it looked like a saw blade not sure.

Walker Outdoors says:

You might want to mix up another bourbon drink that looks like a heck of a project..

Dieselhoon says:

I do not want to be a pooper, but Lavender is really difficult to overwinter, especially with hard clay soils. It needs super fast draining soil. I don't want you to blow money on plants that will very likely not survive. I do landscaping work in Connecticut, and many of my customers want lavender yet they always need them replaced every spring, but I have to do what the customer wants.

T'airn'KA says:

The plan looks good and planed out (simple is good), I'm looking forward at seeing it proceed to a beautiful result.
Hoping you haven't cut the walkway yet? If not I suggest you buy a cheap garden hose (damage it, who cares) and use it as a guide for the walkway. Phase ??; also for the walkway, maybe add a couple evergreen bushes at the driveway end (lights)? 😉

redtailhardwoods says:

Nice choices, like the sand stone boulders. That hydrangea will be a nice snack for the deer. We had two in our back yard, my wife accused me of mowing them down but it was the deer. They also love hosta. Look forward to seeing finished project.

laj5126 says:

Good timing, as everything will go dormant as winter arrives. Then in the spring it will be a beautiful blooming all at once. Pretty sure you can beat the snow.

barry huizing says:

No rest for the weary…..

Josh Beckett says:

Plan looks good looking forward to seeing transform.

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