How to Build a Retaining Wall

How to Build a Retaining Wall

Step by Step Retaining Wall Instructions. Basing, Building and Backfilling.We cover the Critical steps for a loooong Lasting successful project. More info Here: and

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Aaron Singer says:

We use the kracker block cutter for nice corners…it's hydraulic so no effort needed

bumbytrack69 says:

Hi Stanley, Thank you for the videos.
3 Questions;
1) The rock you use, a 3/4 crushed, does it have fines or is it a clear crush?
2) What is the proper way to install the Geo-textile or when do you need to use a Geo-textile in a retaining wall?.
3) On this video, it seems to not have a perforated drain tile. When do you recommend installing drain tile?
Thanks again,

Mihail Gujumit says:

Thank you nice information

mirela vijulie says:

hi, Stanley.I have seen your videos and the job looks quite complicated.I need your advice on a retaining wall at my house, a wall to be repaired…completely.As I am worried about the thickness of the wall, as it sustains a 120square metres house nearby, I would highly appreciate if you could help me with some tips.

DJ Richard CREST says:

Question: for the drainage zone rocks, do you fill to the same height as the actual retaining wall would be? With a minimum of 12 inches going behind the wall?

Justin Yaing says:

Hey thanks. This was very informative. Me and my wife were worried that we might hire someone who would cut corners and not know what to look for to prevent that from happening. These videos are taking that fear away. Im glad i found your videos. Got a sub from me.

Michael Rawnsley says:

Hi so you dont use any concrete or cement between the block.? also i noticed that the blocks are level but stepped back into the slope very nice effect i love your videos. by the way i am in Australia and pretty sure all your techniques are same here. regards from michael

Lai Saephan says:

Good evening Dirt Monkey,

I’m on a retaining wall project now with Basalite blocks for up to 4 ft in height.
You don’t recommend fabric at all????

Thank you kindly,


Kenneth N. Amend says:

2nd video. Great instruction.

A Nguyen says:

Hi. Your videos are great. You are so helful with methodologies and ideas. Thank you so much. Regarding Versa-Lok regaining walls, instead of the 3/4" angular stone, an engineer suggested to put down concrete for the base and stack the blocks. He said that it will ensure a flat first row, and it's a lot faster than leveling layers of 3/4" rocks. Have you done it this way before? What do you think of this method of laying down the base? I'm using Versa-Lok Square Foot. Thanks again.

Beau Ellingson says:

Good flick! I need to build a retaining wall in Prescott Valley,Az? Wanna come help?

Nic M says:

What if i want to put up a 1.5' wall with a fence behind it? How would i do this?

Kevin Villarreal says:

Do you every apply a thin level of sand on top of the 3/4 rock to help with leveling each block?

F. M. says:

No cement right? Or any type of material to keep it together? Thanks

matthew spalding says:

Have you ever used Rosetta Stone? I love their Belvidere collection

Liberty Evanko says:

I put 2/of the hight of the retaning wall!

Less Opinion says:

Thanks for the video's. Rookie DYIer my 1st build will be approximately 3 feet at its highest, this will be a driveway border that I intend to either concrete or asphalt the driveway itself. I am assuming it will be safe or possibly preferable to use the wall itself as the concrete form. Thanks again very informative.

Bt Tt says:

what is the depth under the first coarse row? how many inches you compact the subbase before you put 3/4 in agaragete and then compact this? great videos

Victor Yovzhiy says:


Brian Siebel says:

use a cracker instead of a chissel

Brian Chen says:

If a retaining wall with a crushed stone base (like the kind you recommend) runs adjacent to the curb of a street, and the curb runs deeper than the angular stone base, will water pool under the base and create a problem for the stability of the wall?

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