How to Design Like a Landscape Architect – Today’s Backyard Living Design

How to Design Like a Landscape Architect  – Today’s Backyard Living Design

How to Design Like a Landscape Architect – Today’s Backyard Living Design covers the steps from Site Analysis through finished space design for outdoor living space. Using the guide of ‘The Proximity Principle’ we can arrange social spaces in a way that facilitates social connection and ease of use.



Marita Schaub says:

Thank you for this 
helpful video : )

Hilal Yıldız says:

Thank you for this video and the information.

talib alhashim says:

Thanks for the informations,tips and for your effort….i wish you make another vidios about chosing plants technique

Jose Macias says:

Can i have your email?

Martine Jaworski says:

Very informative for students of landscape design, will share with my fellow students!


Nice Iiked it

sanjay blair says:

This was very precise and instructive. Could you do a video on Plant Design.

Joseph C. Lewis says:

Wow, that was awesome !

Elliot Richman says:

Thanks for the video. If you don't mind me asking – how do you draw something complex like the existing pool in Sketchup? Do you import measurements or draw it in the program by hand? Thanks.

Kadian Banton says:

Omg awesome!

David Brooke says:

Extremely informative! I do landscape design as part of my job. Thanks for the video!

Jake Weykamp says:

Went to university for landscape architecture. Been designing/ installing residential landscapes for 8 years.
Was great information to refresh on and some fantastic key points.
1. Houzz
2. Having 3 main hubs connected
3. Balancing the site with architectural features
4. Using models to scale areas
5. Keeping site lines open

Great video!

Layne Swearingen says:

enjoyed your video. thank you

marti_marti says:

if you love the architecture, follow

Maz Maz says:

I'm a landscape designer & realisator (concrete sculptor ) but i have no certificat , how can i got a certificate coz that specialisation don't existed​ in algeria , can you help me please

Aaron Perez says:

Hi Jeff, Im looking to design with boulders/river rock into a slope and wanted to see if you had any tips for that? The slope doesn't have great soil so tough to grow anything on it so was also planning on putting planters in between the rocks and then cover with mulch so that it appears the grasses and other greenery are growing around the rocks naturally.
Great channel btw!

Kreeper_Kat says:

Thanks. You shared a lot of things I wasn't considering in designing our backyard at our new house.

Alton Balinquit says:

Its perfect. Awesome discussion about how to landscape. Nice and simple way. 👍🏻

joelyboyblue says:

great video

A Duncan says:

When you measure a slope do you use the actual ground measurement or the overhead measurement on your plan?  It could be 40' (long/tall) using a ground wheel up a 30 degree slope but the actual measurement if it wasn't sloped would be say 20'.  If I use 40' then it doesn't correlate to the actual lot size.  But if I use 20' and want a plant every 5' up the slope that doesn't work either.  How should it be done?  THank you.

space cadet says:

really great video. liked and subscribed. thanks so much for sharing some secrets and techniques. i would really appreciate a video on outdoor lighting design. how to draw up plans to propose garden lighting projects. thank you again.

Jeff Wortham says:

The question about how much does a Landscape Architect make per year. I can only answer for what I am familiar with in northern California. The low range for starting with a bachelors degree in our area is $45-50K/ year. How high it goes has a lot to do with how senior your position is and what type of work you focus on. My knowledge of the high end is $150K+/year. I have seen public jobs working for cities and so forth offering 70-100k and benefits in our area.

Kevin S says:

How much does a landscape architect earn a year? anyone can answer would be appreciated

allthings nu says:

Thanks so much for sharing your expertise. I would be interested in seeing creative ways to hide utilities such as poles, wires and meters that are in the yard.

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