How To Repurpose Concrete For DIY Landscaping

How To Repurpose Concrete For DIY Landscaping

My neighbor had his broken driveway torn up and I saw it as an opportunity to get some free DIY landscaping materials for my yard…and repurpose it to keep waste out of the landfill (recycling is also an option for concrete like this). I used the concrete blocks to make a low retaining wall in my backyard. The end result was beautiful and textural…and FREE! Do it yourself! We’ll be doing a how to video on building a retaining wall soon on the DIY channel…subscribe below.

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John Jackson says:

I used mine in my flower garden I acid stained it it's really cool

JessaJay says:

That would have been pricey, but you got it FOR FREE!

Wiwing Margahayu says:

you almost like a moslem

AwesomeDocumentary says:

I am seeing green now. About to go tear up my driveway.

Lifetree Family says:

This is a brilliant idea! Especially because the bricks they sell for this are expensive where this makes so much more sense to reuse broken up concrete… and it looks so good! Great video, just watched the channel review on Tim's channel, two thumbs up! Keep it up Tom!

Amen Panesar says:

Wow Tom…what a brilliant idea

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