How to Start a Flower Garden

How to Start a Flower Garden

Starting a flower garden is a great landscaping idea to beautify your yard or add to an existing garden. Learn how to design, amend and plant a new flower garden in this how-to video from

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Adrienne Robinson says:

Do you think it would be okay to put landscaping fabrics over the tarp as well or would that be too much?

Kenny Sun says:

this technique can be only applied to smaller plants with shallow root balls. For larger ones, since you would have needed to dig a deeper hole, with this method you have to add more soil/compost on top of the plastic. Doing this will significantly change the slope of your yard and drainage conditions.

Shalu Sharma says:

Nice tips. However it would have been better if the lady had been saying and you would have been doing the digging.

Steph says:

Don't leave plastic in the ground! Plastic will prevent earthworms from working and aerating your soil and will prevent plants from sending roots where they need to. Plants will be stunted and soil underneath plastic will be a nasty, rotting mess. You'll be finding chunks of broken plastic in your flower bed for YEARS! Use cardboard or newspaper if you want to leave a barrier down. NO PLASTIC!

Nareen Mzori says:

Thanks so much

Luz Moreno says:

I loved it.thanks

Cohen Abernathy says:

You succeed I love your videos

Kala Venkataraju says:

what purpose plastic sheet is used give me the idea

Matt Gordon says:

did u left the plastic underneath then add the compose ?

Shomel Khan says:

if I am growing Vegetables, Herbs or Fruits in order to do so I have to lay them out a Inch or 2.

what if I cut opened a fresh Green Pepper or Jalapeño can those Seeds grow if I use them in my Planting Beds

PootyWhacker says:

"use a hammer"
*uses a rock

Lorie Riley says:

thank you very much i have never made a flower garden bless you're heart

Faye Wren says:

Do you really have to put plastic or anything under the mulch? Because I didn't but I haven't plant nothing there yet.

And I just had a tree cut down and the stump removal, they bump the stump so that's what I am using for mulch.

I want to know what can of hege I can use right in front of the house coming into the house because I have a window that is low at the from of the house.
I don't want anything that is going grow to tall because of the window and I get a lot of sun there. Please respond it will be appreciated because I need HELP.

terry7893 says:

This looked very professional until the end, when the area looked bare. I was hoping to see how the pros make the areas look so full and rich.

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