Landscaping on a Hill – Backyard Slope Project

Landscaping on a Hill – Backyard Slope Project

Landscaping on a hill can be a challenge. One idea is to build a retaining wall and then backfill with dirt. In this video, we did not build a retaining wall. Instead, we used a skid steer and added flagstone and plants on the slope. We then, added crushed gravel to the flat area and added a simple fire pit area.

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Dave Tires says:

We got 6 yards of topsoil & seed to keep the backyard from eroding,great video Jason🤓👍

1408 Arizona says:

that how they keep tract of the interstate ?

tigergreg8 says:

I'd like to see what this looks like by the end of Summer or Fall. At first I wondered why they didn't put tarp down over the hill, but after I thought about it, it would create a waterfall affect. O_O

Virgil Caine says:

If you think there's no water coming off that hill, you must not get rain 1, 2, 3 inches at a time. All of that will be in that driveway with a good hard rain. Creeping jasmine might hold if it can establish.

You'll be back with terraces.

garseetr says:

What was the cost of the project?

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