Layer Up: Choosing Landscaping Plants That Speak to You—And Your Yard

Layer Up: Choosing Landscaping Plants That Speak to You—And Your Yard

In this Exmark Done-in-a-Weekend project video, we’ll examine the selection and installation of supporting plant material, a logical first step in moving beyond the lawn to create the landscape you’ve always dreamed of.

Unsure about what plants will best complement your property? If so, this video will shed light on the best practices and key considerations you should be mindful of:
– Picking plants that are adaptable to your yard’s specific sun, soil and water conditions
– Choosing the right-sized plants for the space you’ll be working in
– Selecting plants that vary in form, size, color, and leaf structure to maximize your planting bed texture
– Composing your beds—like an artist would a painting—with foreground, middle ground and background plantings
– Placing, and spacing, your plant material so they will grow together in drifts and not a series of individual plants

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