New Home, New Landscape! Backyard Landscaping Project

New Home, New Landscape! Backyard Landscaping Project

This is another one of our new home landscapes! We’ve had the great opportunity of building these custom landscapes on a few newer homes this summer and i love it. The projects are fun creative and it has huge potential for more work from neighboring families. If you enjoyed watching the video or want to see more about projects like this one make sure to subscribe to the channel and explore the links below! ADD ME ON SNAP to keep updated with what were doing day to day!

Building A Paver Patio With Gas Fire Pit:

20 Year Old Does $40,000 Landscape Job In 4 Days:

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Tyler Turpin says:

Wow nice job! I'd recommend blending all of the pallets of pavers together while your'e installing. The side towards the street look to be a different batch compared to the fire pit side. I learned that one the hard way!

The Guy Outdoor Services says:

Throw a mask on when you're dry cutting. The job looks great, would love to see it when it's all complete

Alex Baker says:

Looks great, on the landing do you compact the pavers on top and if so how much compaction do you account for so they end up flush with the top of the stairs?

Greenway Lawncare and Landscaping says:

Wow, that looks amazing! Nice work!

Gg Sosa says:

nice job! how much did this cost?

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