Small Garden Makeover, Slab Patio, Raised Timber Planters, Turfing New Lawn. Stonemason Landscapes

Small Garden Makeover, Slab Patio, Raised Timber Planters, Turfing New Lawn. Stonemason Landscapes

A small garden makeover using slab paving patio, timber raised planters, Cotswold stone chippings, and turfing a new lawn all time lapsed with some complimentary music.

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Laureen Methorst says:

3:26 🤣🤣🤣

MrEnterthehole says:

imagine when andriods really work at this speed… yeah its late.

Jodi Entwistle says:

Absolutely fantastic guy.s. I’m on my daughters account. It just wanted to say how good it was to watch. I’ve nearly completed a 1 manned attempt at what you’ve achieved. Not to this standard but I’ll get there. Antony Entwistle

Franja Jorga Arnšek says:

Ajoj… lepo travo zamenjat z umetno ni nobena visoka strokovnost, ploščice vige-vage položit zna vsak otrok… a vi veste kako stvarem streči?

Giancarlo F. says:

Landscaping doesn't mean concreting!!!

Aristides gloriano says:

Serviço de pedreiro porco tem em td lugar.

Ines Si says:

I prefered it before. It was lovely nature and now stones, stones …

Olga Lebedeva says:


Shaishannah Bennett says:

I actually preferred it before 🙂

Conch Gorome says:

With all d slopes and curves, really child and elderly friendly, lol! Destroyed a nicely grown grass for a fake 1 which fully helps in d ozone layer repair too! 🙂 awful lot waste of good construction workers.

tiny lama says:

hmm I liked it more in the beginning with the sweet flowers and the natural lawn. now it's so "sterile", way less grass, but more concrete, no plants for bees and butterflies 🙁 and the step is kinda ugly imo

V C says:

It amazes me what people get away with and are still seen as "professional"
That patio will be shaking around like Michael J. Fox within a year.

AndresM.Uy says:

Terribles chapuceros .

Mary Nichols says:

I love it! Really good designs and ideas. The yard looks amazing. I especially like the raised planters. So many possibilities.

Inayat Behram Khan says:

Amazing Job 🤞🤞🤞

BobyMystic Sky Guardian says:

Where did all the flower and plants go???

Texas Angie says:

Beautiful..Awsome job

Baby Georgia says:

Amazed to see how it was done in just a day. Nice work 👏👏

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