The finished landscaping project

The finished landscaping project

Check out what it all looked like when we finished it

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Tyler Rathbun says:

Enjoy the different varieties of videos you offer keep it up tim!!

casy casy says:

what a great pond to bring a kid for the first time fishing

Clifton Pearce says:

Nothing like catching some large bream.

John Willoughby says:

finished job turned out great Tim , some nice relaxing fishing be safe and have a blessed day !

SLC Farms says:

I really like how they rounded the hand rail going up the steps. Looked really nice and is gonna last years to come. I used to love fishing with my dad in my grandfather’s pond as a kid. Don’t ever get to wet to many hooks anymore. Thanks for sharing Tim.

Mike Hornsby says:

Great job enjoyed that, surprised your not wearing a hat for protection from the sun!!

Lee Cooper says:

Lit the fire on the cooker I’ll peel the taters and mix the hush puppie mix. Oh yeah the landscaping and step look spot on.

Daniel Kelly says:

A long time ago when I was a kid, when we caught a big bream like that, we called it a titty bream. It was too big to hold with one hand to get the hook out, so you held it against your chest. Nothing better than bream fishing as a young kid and hear you, buddy screaming at you as you pull in your fish, "that's a titty bream!"

John W Hicks says:

Great job it looks really nice. Great job on the video. Bill Dance is gonna start watching for fishing tips

Mike Wawrzkiewicz says:

Looks great from here hey up north people always ask what’s it taste like and the answer is chicken so what’s that fish taste like hahaha see ya Napa mike

Brian Gardiner says:

Is the voice playback different? It seems the voice is slightly different then the video.

Junior Raines says:

Great video that is some good eating right there enjoyed watching

James parks Parks says:

Nice fishing

Jason Boyce says:

Great video today Tim have a great week.

Joe Southern says:

i love fish,in a pan with butter onions and mushrooms

Jerry Miller says:

dozen of those pan fried with some grits is good eats … audio a lil mushy?

Randy Whelan says:


Matthew Hoag says:

Nice work on the landscaping job! Sometimes, you just have to kick back, relax, stop wishing, and GO FISHING!

Cynthia Herr says:

Tim I could fish a month here and NOT catch that many..🤣🤣
Have a great week ahead all of you..

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