10 Motorcycle Life Hacks

10 Motorcycle Life Hacks

10 Hacks for motorcycle riders that can be used when riding, cleaning and working on your motorcycle to hopefully make your life a bit easier.

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Chaos Causes says:

What strange hacks do you use that I missed?

Llew says:

Better idea with the hat thing, something i do on my bike anway

I undo the strap at the back, thread it through the belt loop on my jeans and do it back up so it just hangs there no risk of losing it 🙂

triggerEfee says:

I read the title "10 Motorcycle Life Hacks". Oh I feel like I need to watch this. I wanted to give dislike after second hack but I wanted to give another chance to this video. A second chance. You got my dislike at the 4. tip when you fuck up a good beer: fuck up the gas tank also. But I kept continue to watching it for seeing how much further could you go with your r1 and expensive camera and lack of speech. You said "gear up to 1 then lubricate so your other hand can be free". Thats the moment YOU GOT MY SECOND DISLIKE (yes I signed in my other acc and disliked it again just for that move). YOU FUCKING NEED TO MAKE A CARDBOARD OR WHATEVER MATERIAL YOU WANT A MASK FOR THE PREVENTING WHEEL AND RIM to get not oil. SO YOUR FREE HAND COULD BE USED FOR THAT. Idk your channel didnt watch other videos but you can take me serious offensive. Because your next tip was hilarious. It was saying "I AM ALL ALONEEEE AND I USE MY HELMET AS A CAMERAMAN SO YOU CAN DO TOO". Omg dude. I am all alone too. I am riding bike for 2 years right now after riding 21 years bicycle. But I dont do such things like you do. I got a camera and all the setup too but never uploaded a video yet. But if you create a video with your R1 and expensive cameras and if you type "10 motorcycle life hacks" you need more ideas more than "HOW I AM ALONE IN THIS LIFE"… Thanks for stealing my 5,34 mins. I dont pity the time I am typing all of this. Maybe it will help to you. Forgive me please: I might be mean but all I want is improving you. ♥ Disliked still. GL

Akirasan Akirasan says:

Dont put you helmet on the grass right way up thats how the bugs get in

Akirasan Akirasan says:

I cannot trust anyone with a red chain in fact any colour except gold or normal.

Zachary Pollack says:

If it revs over twice as high as a 2.0 litre car. That means it burns twice as much gas as a car. Means bitch gets drunk… fast…

Zachary Pollack says:

Wax suuuks… Feel your rollers grinding?… You get detergent oil and a 3 in 1 oil bottle and run it over both sides of rollers, let it roll over for a couple minutes to get it in the rollers. Blip throttle a couple times then get cottonish rag, old shirt rag and wipe backside of chain lightly… Then spray the shit out of it with wax! Keeping the oil in the rollers as long as possible. Longest smoothest chain lubing possible.

Zachary Pollack says:

Or a bolt with 2 nuts lock tighted together at the end… I bet if you knew how small your oil pump chain is on that you would let it warm up first. Eh.. Losing oil will stretch it too…

My name is Connor says:

Surprised this wasn't uploaded on April 1st


Why you didnt put the wood on your bag instead of tripod? 🙂


Oww my gee…..

Canario_02 says:

What about the speed of the cap?


Use white vinegar to get rid of slight surface chain rust.

Budak Jalanan says:

Hebat ide na euy keren lah 👍

Dima Kushnir says:

to los tonto digan ei

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