5 illegal motorcycle mods in America(That we all do)

5 illegal motorcycle mods in America(That we all do)

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AGGRO XR says:

LED LIGHTS ARE NOT ILLEGAL. just depends on the STATE. ONLY THING THATS ILLEGAL WOULD BE THE COLOR. NO RED OR BLUE unless at a stand still.. The same with LOUD PIPES. Shit is not illegal either

Moto Royali says:

Certainly it's true that a number of these laws vary State to State. Check the rules and be aware, then decide.

SouthJerseySound says:

Knowing how PA is I can see them busting you for a gopro on your helmet even though you're allowed to ride without one lol

Nevoexpo says:

*Top 5 Illegal Motorcycle Mods That Most Riders Actually Change:*

1) Fender Elimination / No Mudguard
2) License Plate Relocation (Not at the Rear)
3) Integrated Tail Light with Turn Signals
4) Catalytic Converter Exhaust Modification / Removal
5) Non-DOT Headlights with Flush Turn Signals

These 5 are way more accurate throughout the board of all MC Riders.

Blocked User says:

I invented under body lights back in the 80's … well im sure the aircraft industry had some before i did and I bet some old farmer or trucker says he did back in the 50's , but I never saw anybody runnin their 12 second bitch on the street that had any before I did xD

gary lucas says:

The helmet thing makes enough sense to me, if you come off the bike at any kind of speed and that camera catches on something, doesn't break and then adds a ton of rotational force on your neck… Now I'm not saying no one should be putting stuff on their helmet or you shouldn't etc. Just saying it there is logic there.

LonewolfeE5 says:

MOST bike mod laws are overlooked because they have safety value. Underglow won't usually get you stopped unless it's strobing and/or red/blue. The cameras on helmets are overlooked because they are now considered an insurance device like that stupid geico plugin thing. 9/10 you're not gonna be stopped for these little mods unless they are a danger to you or others on the road. That being said if you get pulled over for speeding and act like a dick to the officer I can almost guarantee they will tag you for EVERYTHING

Kingdom 477 says:

law about go-pros its illegal if the helmet was altered from original state to fit an object on the helmet. if you buy a helmet with mounting brackets made to mount a go-pro its perfectly legal.

Jeffry Gilbert says:

Everything in DUHmerica is illegal most especially having fun.

How's that whole "they hate us for our freedoms" thing working out for ya?

Jay Sal says:

I’ve been pulled over with my friend because of the under body lights and the cop said nothing about my lights because they’re red, hers were pink. The cop said neutral colors are fine so red, orange, white and such

subhology says:

In my country even putting a sticker on a motercycle is illegal

izzydjinn76 says:

"I'm aaaall about safety…."

Chuck those ugly fork reflectors off……..

Makes no sense..

Logan Adams says:

Its America just quit trying to please everybody else its all about freedom

Jacob K. says:

In Germany are all mods illegal. Okay not all mods, your allowed to paint your bike….

uses0ap says:

"front swing arm"

Fordsie says:

EPA is dead so you can use as many straight pipe exhausts you want

Njurk says:

I'm pretty sure that every stat have different law

Patrick Gray says:

"underbody" lights are allowed in the UK 👍 riding with no mirrors is also fine and will pass an MOT. A damaged mirror will fail though. I've never noticed a bike have reflectors over here and exhausts are usually fine. I do believe go pros etc are fine too although I'm probably wrong about the majority of this apart from mirrors and lights. Been there done that 👍

rafal kowalski says:

Just wear a YELLOW REFLECTIVE JACKET. not some shitt led lights.

Burning Panda MilkShake HD says:

Welp…here in Spain literally any mod is illegal. You put a fatter tyre than the stock tyre? Illegal. You put aftermarket anything? Illegal.

JD and the Boys says:

Besides 30-40 mph over the speed limit, most any police stops are about revenue generation. The rest is harassment or police who are too afraid to go where the real danger is, in their patrols.

MotoJay Z/28 says:

Underbody lights on a bike are legal where i live.

Alex Tasarov says:

wants to be seen by other motorists
removes reflectors

Chris Paul says:

Under LEDs Legal in Texas for couple years – can’t flash, be more than 300 candlepower, abs must be amber or white. Just read the law couple days ago. I still don’t like them. 😉

Robert Taylor says:

EPA rules have been stamped on muffler WITH dB limits since the eighties. Supertrapp and others make EPA aftermarket mufflers.

bluesharp59 says:

Nice video and gave you a thumbs up.

Friendly Robot says:

Is it just me, or, is this guy a total dope?

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