5-in-1 Motorcycle Mods

5-in-1 Motorcycle Mods


At the moment, we’re not recommending the Jag Integrated mirrors because there seems to be a problem with Stability. At high speeds, or bumpy roads, the mirror stalk seems to be too weak.

Video Description –

I did 5 mods in one night. To skip ahead these are the “chapter” times.

Lockhard Phillips
Windscreen Time: 1:43

SilverStar Ultra Time: 3:04

Headlight Tint Time: 4:35

Flushmount Signals Time: 6:03

Integrated Mirrors Time: 7:09





lappman says:

I think your mirrors are upside down lol

Farmer Bill says:

I had the same issue with the windscreen, you would've been much better off just filling out the hole instead of messing with the cap on the anchor. Everything looks good though man.

WallabyHonda says:

this was uploaded on my birthday

FRAY says:

Glen??? is that you?

Freebird Nation Fishing says:

where did you order the flush mount turn signals from?

crashburnoveride says:

Shoulda just painted the back of your stock screen with black spray paint for plastic. Way cheaper and looks amazing. I do it on all my bikes, and I did it on my ex500 too.

crazykawafool says:

Are you planning to upgrade soon?

Joe Travis says:

I just posted the same comment as I did 6 months ago lmao! I totally forgot I saw this already haha. IDIOT

Joe Travis says:

Hey dude, I love your vids. I also have the same 2007 EX500, same color too! I just wanted to tell you that you didn't have to remove the upper cowling to install a new windscreen. I did it without the need for removal. You did have other mods to do, but I just want everyone to know that this is not necessary. Great job though on the mods! I installed integrated mirrors as well.

AThunderA says:

Mate, I've got a kawasaki zx7r and I had to do the very same thing you did to the mirrors, which I also got the same ones, and I hated whole heartedly that those wires run from the outside. I've paid I think it was aroun $ 40 for mine. I just saw some that the wire runs from inside but they cost like $180 🙁

have you fixed it yet, or have you kept it the same way?

Cheers 😉

Strattao says:

I didn't know Grant Imahara road a ninja

benefactionhindrance says:

Did you get a reading of light lumens before and after? At what distance did you do the readings at?

Zxius says:

where did you buy you turn signals from?

Joe Travis says:

You dont need to take off the front cowling to replace your windshield. I just did it without removing the cowling. Damn you wasted your time dude….

out2kill3652b says:

@merlynDHZ i just got a 2008 Ninja 500r used. had to do a lot of work to it but it was well worth it.

merlynDHZ says:


2007 – and still runs like the day I bought it!! (used – I got it in 2008).

Andrew Boivin says:

what year is your ninja?

Dr3amcatchr says:

Once you addyhe fender eliminator it will be sweet. But it is already pretty sweet. Are those flushmounts visible at an intersection?

VegetasRage says:

cant wait till i get a bike…, oh yeah i subbed

DJLimez says:

your looking for a fender eliminator kit

seisack says:

the "post" you're referring to is the front fairing stay

Tutsuo Shima says:

great video

nice bike

lifeisgood070 says:

chapter times in the description…. nice. Everyone should do that.

merlynDHZ says:

Nah – after I got mine to fit, I kinda just left it. It's fine, just that pain in the beginning.

merlynDHZ says:

I tried a couple of things with the JAG. But in the end, I got rid of them. Shame, they were the nest looking ones I've found.

Aphrodite says:

Always nice I am known as Aphrodite on the forum

Ryan Loose says:

wow, good job. I'm sick of seeing bikes with crappy mods.

merlynDHZ says:

I think that the company changed their name on eBay .. look up "integrated mirrors ninja" on eBay .. you should fine them.

bertrum96 says:

wow man i love it! all of your vids are great. i have a ninja 250 and soon i hope to aquire a 500 like yours.

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