5 Motorcycle Mods to Save Your Life

5 Motorcycle Mods to Save Your Life

Interested in staying alive? Us too. You can add some life-saving potential to your motorcycle with these 5 mods – all cheap and easy to install at home!

0:19 – RotopaX 1 Gallon Fuel Packt: https://frt9.co/ne970f
0:19 – RotopaX 1 Gallon Water Pack: https://frt9.co/n5atcp
1:30 – AltRider Fuel Share System: https://frt9.co/zy3wt6
2:52 – Custom Dynamics Stingerz LED Accent Light: https://frt9.co/wogm2t
3:18 – Adventure Medical Kits SOL Origin Tool Kit: https://frt9.co/79ls1w
4:50 – Klim Emergency Bivvy: https://frt9.co/obxq3k
5:01 – Moose Quicksteel Epoxy: https://frt9.co/ugtbou

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Frank Stocker says:

So thats where you keep your stach?

Russell James says:

LOL…you make me laugh and then think. Thanks

nibblesful says:

Sadly can't have blue lights otherwise can get down for impersonation of police

Roland Tiiroja says:

you can also hang yourself with the nylon strap if there's no way of getting out alive

MotoBoy says:

surprised you recommend blue led strips or stuff to make your look more like a cop. it's illegal almost everywhere lol

MotoBoy says:

this one seemed more of like an ad….but okay, whatever, you have to do what you have to do. i enjoy your other uploads.

Jared Camilleri says:

I love how simply you’re tips are. So practical.

Duncan De hulst says:

Fyi, tourniquet can mean complete loss of your leg… Only do it if you really have a critical wound…

3 ESO's Gaming Live says:

Love your videos. Im from Newfoundland and can't wait for the snow to go lol.. Not sure but would love to see a review of the Cb500f. Cheers

Nishidake says:

I ride big maxi scooters and I got a hearty, evil laugh out of watching you hack, cut, tape and jerry-rig, trying to fit items on your bike ranging in size from a tube of lip balm to a pack of cards. Great video and unintentionally hilarious to scooter enthusiasts! 😂

Fck Uyo says:

OK, so blue lights appear to be illegal everywhere, what about blue (and red) reflective tape?

Carmelo Santini says:

"more combustion, less dehydration, stop exsanguination, give some manual persuasion"  Epic journalism!

taznz1 says:

A personal Locator Beacon registered to your is must if you like to solo ride in rural areas, a cellphone often breaks on impact of be out of coverage, a locater beacon will bring help directly to you, if your laying in a ditch with broken limbs it will save your life, place it in a chest pocket where you can access it with either arm.

tinnedspicedham says:

Those brackets around that part you cut out of the seat pan are meant to hold a first aid kit. You can get a first aid kit or plastic food storage container from a supermarket that will fit in the brackets. Aaaaand you don’t have to hack your seat apart.

Je Payo Tei says:

His videos are amazing but one thing, why does he look very sly i wonder.

BAD yamaha MT10 says:

Ryan. Could you destroy some air bags please? Help us punters to work out the best one to buy. Love your work.

Angel Espino says:

You will get pulled over with blue lights btw

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