7 Most EXPENSIVE Motorcycle Mods

7 Most EXPENSIVE Motorcycle Mods

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Best Beginner **Sport** Gear:
Helmet: http://bit.ly/Icon-Alliance
Jacket: http://bit.ly/Alpinestars-Viper-V2
Gloves: http://bit.ly/Alpinestars-SMX-Gloves
Boots: http://bit.ly/TCX-Sportboots
Pants: https://www.uglybrosusa.com/products/motorpool-black

Best Beginner **Dual Sport/ADV** Gear:
Helmet: http://bit.ly/Scorpion-EXO-helmet
Jacket: http://bit.ly/Revit-Airwave-Jacket
Gloves: http://bit.ly/Revit-Fly-Gloves
Boots: http://bit.ly/Alpinestars-ADV-Boots
Pants: http://bit.ly/Alpinestars-ADV-pants

Best Beginner **Retro/Classic** Gear:
Helmet: http://bit.ly/Bell-Bullitt-Retro-Helmet
Jacket: http://bit.ly/Scrambler-Retro-Jacket
Gloves: http://bit.ly/Dainese-Retro-Gloves
Boots: http://bit.ly/TCX-Retro-Boots
Pants: https://www.uglybrosusa.com/products/motorpool-black



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Very funny, no seriously. What should I get? A TURBO BUSA.

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Yammie Noob says:

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taxation is theft memes news & more says:

@2:26 "unlike my meat"

Mike Jeskin says:

Yammie talks so goddamn long before starting the video that i usually just click off before he even gets to the first point.

daniel charlie fernandez says:

looking on buying my second bike. Between 250 and 800 cc (A2 license). What? nobody asked?…ok….ima go kill myself now.byeee:)

Gopi Nath says:

Yammie i pray to our lord rossi for 1m subs. We want to see you on a turbo busa


Why are the auto generated captions in korean

Jackie Yong says:

$1400 for a helmet? yea i felt the light weight in my bank account. not my head and neck.

Vaisheshik Gautam says:

Full carbonfibre built

Suyash Tilak says:

everyone is talking about mods and stuff and I'm wondering when did he change the thumbnail image.

ShiiDox says:

Man expensive mod is when you low side your bike and it slides into a guard rail.

Bill Adams says:

Custom paint jobs (2k-20k, depending on the bike). Bagging it (custom bags for a cruiser) runs about 5k for a full set and then, see #1 for paint.

Heero357 says:

I love my PISTA GP R, but not enuff to pay $1600 for it. Got that bitch on closeout for $800 from motorcycle gear.com!!!

Alan Ashcroft says:

Heads up display helmets….. ??

Gab L says:

Gold plating my ninja 250r would be expensive

Thomas Leete says:

Don't get AGV get Ruroc

M A says:

@3:42 no point spending big $$$ on a titanium exhaust if you have a blown head gasket.

Sterling R says:

Why can I only have Korean subtitles 🙁

Jeffrey Willis says:

I think you forgot about the power commander mod, it's about 400$ for the one to fit my 03 gixxer 600

Randy Pullman says:

Best mod is a perfectly smooth bag. Nothing says "expensive" better than 3 beautiful daughters who love to ride.

wallu aintila says:

How bout rider weight reduction. Doesn't cost that much.

Mrjaycam says:

That's exactly why I got a Corsa R instead. I'm still waiting on some of the Mugello Pistas to go on sale though.

the zifu. says:

You forgot the 2WD kit for KTM adventure bikes. Runs around $4500 to add an additional drivetrain to the front wheel 😂

alejandr76 says:

Cheapest light weight mod, drink less, run more!

Ambika Kannan says:

Ur best no 7 ok

Tyler Browning says:

I’m thinking about pulling the trigger on a SV650 as my first bike. What is your opinion?

xs_ fox says:

…and then you f*ck your bike on the asphalt, so your mods will go to sh*t.

Gokul Gopakumar says:

Is their any after market exhaust tht sounds like an f1 car not the loudness but the whistle kind of sound it provides ????
Yammie noob pls do reply plsss

KSIX says:

I love my AVG Pista Carbon! AGV helmets feel like magic inside. 🤣.

Nöten 1001 says:

Grr yammie as an offroad rider you should know a popular and expansive mod is changing the suspension

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