ADVENTURE BIKE MODS Tutorial: Motorcycle High Fender DIY Versys x 300 Mods: Part 1

ADVENTURE BIKE MODS Tutorial: Motorcycle High Fender  DIY Versys x 300 Mods: Part 1

ADVENTURE BIKE MODS Tutorial: Motorcycle High Fender DIY Versys x 300 Mods: Part 1


WELCOME TO PART 1: I do believe this is the first of it’s kind. Definitely a first on Youtube for the Kawasaki Versys 300. This 2017 Versys took the custom mod well–look for yourself. It’s an absolutely gorgeous one of a kind beast of an ADV motorcycle. It even looks the part now with this high fender modification. We’ve done the T-REX Crash guards, Shinko 804 / 805 shoes, matte black vynil wrap ( sick ) The softer seat mod, and red anodized washers. I would love to see another adventure riders fully modded / adventurized Versys X.

This ‘ How to ‘ tutorial walks you through the entire process along with custom graphics designed to help aid / simplify the process. This video also shows how to refinish the plastics after making the cuts — to factory condition!!! Which is also useful if you just need to repair the plastic on your bike from a motovlog gone wrong. lol/

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