Best 3 Dirt Bike Mods!

Best 3 Dirt Bike Mods!

★Setting Suspension Sag

★Pryme MX Stickers

ODI Grips
Works Connection Lever
CR125 Graphics
CR125 Seat Cover

Here are the first 3 dirt bike mods I would do to get the best bang for your buck!

★Business/Social Media
Pryme MX
ReVive Moto

★Tools & Products I Use

★Camera Equipment
Canon 80D
GoPro Hero 6
DJI Ronin Gimbal


Track Ikson – Harmony

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Cameron Niemela says:

What’s your favorite dirt bike mod?

mike k says:

He said stickers lmao

Juan Garcia says:

Cameron you are the man' I been watching for a while but first time responding, you answer all the little questions without me even having to ask and the links help a ton… Thanks man!

Jack Dawson says:

honestly I love your vids, but. are you short tonged or something with your speech?

Paul Mader says:

You should start your own shop man if you haven't already

Joshua Cassin says:

Handlebars and groups

jack johnson says:

Cameron NiemelaWill never fully forgive ya man for going back on your statement and the voice of your fans twice, by parting out the CR250 lol…. mostly kidding was pretty bummed but I get you got to make money and its probably more profitable for ya to just part it out haha keep making great videos, but please restore a bike!

J. Skidmore says:

A Clake one light or Clake pro Lever is the only way to go. It is very pricy, but it the easiest to pull and with the Pro Lever you also have the rear brake in one Lever.

Mr. J says:

I recommend getting a new bike from the dealer then get to work on aftermarket forks, tires, grips, handle bars, pipe, pegs, clutch, graphics, seat cover, radiator hoses, radiator cap, brake lever, shift lever, clutch lever, sprockets, chain, skid plate, hubs and wheels, bigger front disk, clamps, throttle tube, air filter… so on.
Then ask yourself what the fuck you are doing

Muddy Bottom says:

omw2fyb graphics

Devon Rose says:

Tires, suspension set up, and hand guards.

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