Best Sportbike Mods at

Best Sportbike Mods at

Best Sportbike Motorcycle Mods

The best motorcycle mods are rooted in two things; substance & style. Whether it’s purely performance, or aesthetic preferences that drive your wrenching ambitions, Lemmy has put together a few of his top picks for the best sportbike mods to help get you started. From the street to the track, be it for speed or for swagger, we use the Yamaha R6 to showcase a handful of parts and accessories that you can put to use when modifying your sportbike.

Street Mods: 1:37
Track Mods: 10:39

Parts Used in This Video:

Street Section:
Yoshi Fender Eliminator: 1:50

Battery Tender USB Charger: 3:05

Trackside USB Outlet: 4:16

LighTech Spools: 4:52

Yoshimura Exhaust TRC Street Slip-On Exhaust: 6:17

TechSpec Snake Skin Center Tank Pad: 6:43

Shogun Frame Sliders: 7:54

Puig Racing WIndscreen (Dark Smoke): 9:21

Track Section:

Pirelli Diablo Rosso III Tires: 11:29

Antigravity Lithium Ion Battery: 12:19

TechSpec C3 Tank Pads: 13:25

GB Racing Engine Cover Set: 14:12



xXxTripleHxXx says:

so you guys at Revzilla love weight loss … ok i guess

Chigen13 says:

I'm liking this guy.

MajesticDemonLord says:

Pfft – the Track mods should be:

Turbo Kit, Nitrous kit, power commander, Rear sets and extra low clipons.

Reinier Midesten says:

helo I' have 2015 Yamaha YZF R6 I need a new eliminate fender

hairlesheep says:

Can you guys do a review of a motorcycle alarm/s?

iride aduck says:

Best mod to your sport bike is education for the pilot. All of these bikes in stock form are more capable than most riders.


I am looking to purchase a bike, I am not sure on the make and model. I want something fast

Yamaha R1M 2017

BMW S1000RR 2017

Any suggestions?

wikiwikiwee says:

He looks like he loves his job so much that if it was a woman he would make sweet love to it by the fireplace

Mytwistedvoices says:

Thanks for the advice. I added a couple of mods on my bike. Do they make spools for my V Rod? No seems to know. Thx

Lemmy is infinite.

Martin Sage says:

Good Mod for you…Lose Weight.

Seth Fjeldheim says:

Maybe one day I'll get myself a sport bike, for now I'll stick to my sportster.

Brent Hubbell says:

This guy is the best teacher! Great job on the videos my man

Adam Omidpanah says:

What kind of front wheel lift did you use? Do you brace the bike with blocks under the engine when propping up the front to take the wheel off?

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