Clutch Mods

Clutch Mods

In this weeks project, we do some custom clutch modifications for a motorcycle as per the customers request. A little bit of measuring, lathe work, and mill work.
Hope you guys enjoy.




Eddie says:

Slip-rivets versus hot-rivets could be an interesting video.

nikko reintar says:

Clutch without damper springs.
I dont know why im hooked in watching machining stuff, it makes me want to buy a good old lathe machine. but i cant afford it.
Lathe and milling machine is all i wanted.

Ricky Wiggins says:

I want too replace my clutch on my zx14r. Is there any special way they go back in?

etyrnal says:

what an awesome playground…!

newstart49 says:

Really enjoy your videos and your work!

Mike Davis says:

Fascinating, thanks for such a detailed explanation.

James Hurst says:

About the haulling ass with the drill , If a elefants front leggs ate doing 45 mph. What is his back leggs doing. ____________ Haulling ass.

Arthur Arzakanyan says:

Hey adam, I wondering why the customer would want it tight because behind the basket there are cylindrical dugout were the inserts go to absorb the combustion shocks from the crankshaft and so forth I would think he would need some free float to a certain degree, idk just my thoughts, btw love your work keep it up. Thanks

bigbigjohnlee666 says:

I've had mechanics work for me before question the instructions from the customer… I just couldn't get it thru their head it doesn't matter what you think is right or wrong the customer wants it a certain way you give them whats they want end of subject if it doesnt work then thats on the customer not us… we can make suggestions however at the end of the day the customer pays the bills. just shut up and give em what they want. I like the way you approached it Adam

Marvin Jones says:


HOT SHOT 1500 says:

Are you in cali

Matthew Allard says:

I didn't know you lived in Pensacola!! I lived there for a bit when I was a young teen, alot of my family is there and my little brother is there. beautiful beaches. and lots of cool custom cars and trucks. the paint jobs down there are awesome.

Jan Visser says:

I checked the site of D&D racing, and it looks they had good results in 2014. So thumbs up.

glastornjet73 says:

That was probly miles thornton finished 6th in 2014 and what they were doing there is removing the damper springs from the basket the gear is usually isolated by springs to dampen clutch engagment thats what the 6 rectangular hole/slots are that have nothing in them

Robert Sahlsten says:

can nothing thing itself if the machine work but would want such subcntracting Robban from sweden

Robert Sahlsten says:

love you work learn by trying

TheHomerGang says:

i have a short question for ya.
may i ask why you always use a 4-jaw mount for the lathe? even if you have circular parts. wouldn't a self-centering 3-jaw mount be more convenient for circular applications or am i not getting something here?
thanks for the answer in advance!

Doorguru says:

Enjoyed this! You make things look easy, when I know the're not.

Dylan Klavins says:

I love the drill-driver-knee-adjustment setup.

goose183 says:

Does anyone know what material that basket is made from? Could it be magnesium?

tom taylor says:

The only negative comment I can think of: do NOT wear pocket tee shirts. The pockets fill up with chips and it makes thebetter half angry on laundry day. Seriously, great vid as usual!

Bill Cody says:

Why not mill flat on a mill table?  Just curious

scanner180 says:

Good to see there are still proper machinists around
One comment on drilling on size holes without using a reamer
I find if you take the sharp edge off the drill point with a stone and go thru the part you are drilling fairly quickly you get a nice tight hole

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