Dashboard Light Hack!

Dashboard Light Hack!

Hack your car’s dashboard lights and make them rock!
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Thanks to DSY on jkowners.com for the idea.
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Cole S says:

This hack sure isn't simple

R H says:

Can I do that to my 98 Buick LeSabre? Please help!

bitter sweet says:

You sound like Barney 😭

Biker Biker says:

Not sure if this is even a hack

neil witwer says:

I have a 09 wrangler. x would love to do this in mine. Can someone please post a link to the lights?

Stan Mueller says:

These no longer appear to be available on your site. Can you provide information on where these are available?

wutzerface77 says:

or buy a 99-04 volkswagen

Critix Shadow says:

then ill replace my dashboard's light with RGB ones yeeaaaahhh

malasia the great says:

I would definitely mess this up.

Toben Gray says:

surface mount LEDS, just a FYI

that45 guy says:

are they size 5050 or 3528

shit happens so don't step in it. says:

Kip can I just send you mine?

Patric Olsson says:

I'm sorry but the link to where i can find the LED's seems to be broken somehow..
Whould you mind refreshing it? I really want the same LED's.

Manny Gonzo says:

can u do it on my jeep

Elite Product says:

This is way too much work. You can just color black Sharpie over the white numbers, then they turn blue/purple when lit.

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