DIY Motorcycle Mods and Ingenious Life Hacks

DIY Motorcycle Mods and Ingenious Life Hacks

4 shockingly useful DIY motorcycle mods that you can make at home – because we’re sick of buying stuff and betting you are too!

0:10 – Homemade Convex Mirror
1:29 – BikeMaster Eyeball Mirror:
1:53 – DIY Eyeglass Channels
2:18 – Auto-Lubricating Key Protector
4:08 – Kickstand Lengthening Bar Mod

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flamebeard10339 says:

Hey Ryan (or any one else)
do you have a video about motorcycle muffs (hippo hands..i think they have many names)
its brutally cold where i live and I heard that they may work.

Cool vid, Keep it up!

bigBatZ says:

But oh nooo. Why would you need the last hack? When would you ever need to remove a tyre that desperately?

hostilityy says:

Why did you make this?

David Magnus says:

Hello Ryan from Adelaide in South Australia, I am still riding my bike, a Moto Guzzi Roamer, perhaps you should test ride this bike. Anywho, I just want to say thanks for all that you do and the information you provide to us, the viewer/Rider.  May your have a Happy New Year and safe rides. Maybe one day you can travel here to OZ…..we love Canadians…. Thanks again ….

Jüdäs says:

Mini blind spot mirrors are $3 at Walmart -.-

Most dealers now have a thick plastic sleeve over your keys -.-

I use my dick as a crowbar to break the seal on my tires -.-

3 Kawis says:

3:53 he sounds like the gay guy from family guy 😂😂

Johny40Se7en says:

Great little hacks especially the mirror one, really handy. I love the way you say "Oh Noooo" hahaa great stuff =P

Naveen Kumar says:

Convex mirrors sell at Dollarama for a dollar a piece. So. WTF??

MattyYFZ says:

Hope this isnt another toothpaste headlights vid

PistolPete63 says:

Pretty pretty good!

InsanityJoe87 says:

Why isn't anybody asking him where he got that dope sweater?

C Ney says:

How exactly does a straw prevent the key from breaking when it is sat upon?

C Ney says:

Les Stroud legitimately started a fire with a can and chocolate.

Blurry Face says:

Shit was kinda weak based on your track record.

Marcus Östlin says:

The glasses thing was genious!

Sebastian Nurkowski says:

To polish use paint polish… Works on ewerything….i like to polish metal parts using it

Brett Wendel says:

maybe your worst vid yet, but i have not watched them all so i could be wrong.

Abdullah Fachmi says:

joffrey high as fuck, talking about DIY motorcycle mods and shit

willyb933 says:

But for $177 I can buy a set of mirrors with convex and a cool HD logo! …nevermind!  🙂

Kronocide says:

DIY MOD : If you remove the muffler , your bike will sound much louder

Nolan Hickson says:

I just want to know where RyanF9 got that sweater… 😛

385x01y says:

Rayn you are better than this.

Leon Pozo says:

I like the Helmet and Key hack.. Both needed for me

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