Fast Hacks #29 – DIY Motorcycle Phone Mount

Fast Hacks #29 – DIY Motorcycle Phone Mount

Using my motorcycle camera mount as a starting point, I was able to make a custom handlebar phone mount for my cell phone so I can navigate while riding.

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ivan petrov says:

what a fucking lame idea. That epoxy won't hold anything for long on a motorcycle. Just stick 3M tape directly to the phone case and use gopro bike mount. Or Arkon Slim Grip. Useless video.

butre jp says:

I'm not sure I trust epoxy for this

xXProGamer SlaysXx says:

Austin Evans

or wait no just a wanna be

muslimin karben says:

unsafe if passing through a rocky path

Johnny Good says:

I just ducktape mine

Life On Two Wheels says:

I don't trust any glue

Naman Shukla says:

congrats in advance for your new phone!

You Tube says:

I would NOT trust that epoxy..!!!

Vitaliy Nazarenko says:

honestly with as much vibration as my give gives out this thing would rattly loose and make my phone fly down the highway in a mater of minutes

Dan00tz says:

Its not so stable. IF you enter in a big whole on the street,you can say byebye to your smartphone :).

Chris Van De Nesse says:

Wait did i sort of requested this? Awesome!

waddlenater says:

i love all videos you upload but how do you get all those ideas you must be smart! i statred wathcing when i was looking how to make age paper

Magneto! says:

Cool idea Rick! You could also use your phone to record things like acceleration and video.

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