Homemade Motorcycle Gear – Tested!

Homemade Motorcycle Gear – Tested!

All y’all DIYers out there – this one is for you. We picked four different DIY motorcycling hacks from the internet and put them to the test. It’s not a bad idea to know what you’re getting yourself into, especially when there’s no return policy in sight.

Gear Breakdown:

Klim Powerxross Gloves – https://frt9.co/0gna40
BikeMaster Easy Lift & Lower Stand – https://frt9.co/091kc2
Ratchet Straps/Tie-Downs – https://frt9.co/7gzp09
Klim D3O Shoulder Pads – https://frt9.co/guoc08
Klim D3O Replacement Back Pad – https://frt9.co/a9we25
Motul M3 Leather Treatment – https://frt9.co/6xugkd

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Si Duncan says:

Can you please do a show on cruise controls? Love you show

gonnahavemesomefun says:

2:23 😂🤣

Sean Daniel says:

Hey, sometimes the wife likes to be… soggy.

Inspector Dabbit says:

"1 stitch, 2 stitch, Armour enriched – When you fall it won't hurt like a bitch." lmao

Husqvarna Rider says:

the ad on this video was a sexual wd40 ad

Aaron L says:

what about the shark cowboys?

Jois033 says:

Still, the jacket needed more weight so it could simulate a real body and I'm sure it would not resist as much as it did in the original test

Mike Dick says:

“cheep bastards You have us pinned! Thank you for answering my request on the KLR review. Your videos are Always awesome! (Mike new rider KLR owner From Vancover)

Giovanni Delgadillo says:

Does anyone know how long a Yamaha bolt can sit without running before the battery dies?

Tom Vestvik says:

Can’t wait for next week!

Николай Кольченко says:

That was hell of a slide for a leather jacket!
P.S. how price of 2 inexpensive bike stands compares to the ladder+2jackStands . I think it should be around par.

Nick Brady says:

Sounds like your compressor/limiter's threshold is way too high and/or the attack is too slow for that low of a threshold.

KDann12 says:

"1 stitch, 2 stitch, armor enriched, when you fall it won't hurt like a bitch"

adventurist.tv says:

“Load bearing side of the ladder” – when both sides are touching the ground, both sides are bearing the load. It just depends how far across the ‘beam’ you have connected the load. My guess is at least 40% of your load is going through the lightweight side.

Phil Richardson says:

You really do need a Chanel on tv!

Greg says:

Came for some sick ass fortnite videos, stayed for this sexy Canadian guy;)

Haywood Jablome says:

Vinegar works. Stink gone.

Johny40Se7en says:

That made up advert from 3:38 is awesome =P

The air pocket zip lock bag thing is brilliant. Nice one.

DexMeister says:

wow you called your mother…… amazed she didn´t advised you to stop the endless crap on this channel….

Brian McNay says:

The king of moto on YouTube. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

dentistguba says:

Thought the ziplock bag was for back armour lol.

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