How To Make A Motorcycle Seat More Comfortable Inexpensively

How To Make A Motorcycle Seat More Comfortable Inexpensively

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John Gee says:

I will have to respectively disagree with you. The problem is pressure on the tailbone. not, enough padding. More padding does not alleviate pressure. I have a scooter with a big seat and had a sore tailbone until I fixed the problem. After I cut a 4 inch hole in the seat pan so as to relieve the pressure in that area. Problem solved. Thanks for your videos!

Michael bagley says:

Thanks for the information. I don't know why motorcycle manufacturers haven't figured out how to design a comfortable seat for long rides. Why do riders have to buy custom seats or seat pads? Why do riders have to invent a way to make their seats comfortable?

susanne jones says:

just got a new straw tube and / or clean the residue with acetone … then contents can be used later !

Christiaan Overgaard says:

PVC cleaner will clean the tube and the outlet on the can very well. I think this is Acetone.

911RescueDiver says:

Nice work sir.

Spacecoastz says:

You have a pressure point…the solution is to remove the pressure…which means you remove foam rather than adding it. I think this will be like putting a rock under your tailbone.

spdklls7 says:

I respectfully dont ADD MORE foam under your tailbone to alleviate pressure on your remove of the most popular cheap mods thats been around for years is to cut & remove the part of the seats bottom plate thats directly under under your tail bone..Ive done it and it actually helps

Dennis Morris says:

ur not a real navy seal…

Rick Brinkman says:

A tip on using expanding foam:
Use aerosol carb cleaner to clean out the tube. Clean out the top of the can as best as you can too. USUALLY, you can use the can again.

Joe King says:

Great idea! I'm a huge fan of inexpensive fixes!

C_R_O_M__________ says:

In my experience pads work the best. I used to have an Airhawk but the shifting of air in those air cells created a weird riding feeling. I took that pad, took out the air cells and filled the cover with good quality cushion foam and ….that's it. I now have a pad that's perfect for even 1000 miles/day rides which I've done several times.

northerniltree says:

Motorcycle seats are all designed to be a pain in the ass sooner or later on your day long ride. You can spend big bucks (and wait some time) for a refit. When my BMW GTL 1600 seat became intolerable after 4 hours in the saddle, I finally realized that the bike may be designed for countless miles, but the rider may not be. So, what I'm going to try this year for the long cruises is to sit on a high density foam waterproof hunter's seat pad (12" square, 1-1/2" thick) I found at a sporting goods store for $5.00.
I will glue on a black sheepskin cover to one side, and keep that in my saddle bag until I think I need it for the long highway miles. It compresses very comfortably down to about 3/4" inch when sat on, plus whatever the shearling cover is. So, I haven't actually tried this yet, but it seems like it could turn out to be worth it's weight in medical marijuana, as far as pain relief. Ride on!

Mathew Nunley says:

It looks like we have similar ideas. I filled a crack in my foam last year with foam insulation spray (the same foam in the video) thinking that this would resolve the problem. It filled the gap, but what followed was pain on by butt after long rides. The problem I found was that the spray foam is so hard after it dries, after my seat cushion compresses all the way down (235 lbs of pressure), the only material left to support my body is the hard, dense spray foam. After 2 hours of riding, the pain was there and it turned the ride into an uncomfortable one. I agree that this was a good idea, but it didn't work out well for me.

t watson says:

You would not believe how just narrowing the front of the seat makes the bike feel shorter,smaller and more comfortable.

Richard diMonda says:

very clever.

Januar Sarwono says:

hi, just an idea. i think you can use rubber/ silicone sealant which more chewy and last longer

Richard Mourdock says:

I am bicyclist and a  motorcycle guy.  I've long found it fascinating you get "fitted" for a bicycle seat and  counter intuitively, narrower is better based on the width of your "sit bones" (ischial tuborisites if you're into anatomy).   So, why is it that motorcycle seats are always made wider and deeper and more comfortable bicycle seats are generally only 20 mm wider than your sit bones.. in my case 160 mms (and I'm 5;10", 180 lbs)  BTW, 150 mms are probably  about four and one half inches.  My prior seat was 163 mms and it was suitable for use at Gitmo as a torture device.  Yeah, yeah, the work of bicycling is different than motorcycle riding, but still there must be some parallels that apply someohow.

Tim says:

Would have been helpful to see the work as it was being done rather than just photos of the work once clamped.

edward ford says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Question, you didn't finish commenting on the "Russell Day Long." What was your overall opinion?

Mojo says:

the only way to make a bike seat comfortable is to drive a car!

GordWing says:

If you let the foam in the tube dry you can use something thin and hard like a coat hanger to push the foam out of the tube. That will allow you to use it again (the tube/can).
Ride safe. Glad you were able to fix your seat…

Scott Taylor says:

Can the product Great Stuff be spread with a putty knife to fill uneven area on a foam seat?

cobra60six says:

I have an ex cop 08 FJR that had a really uncomfortable, modified drivers seat. I decided to ditch it in favour of a new saddle man combo. It was an improvement, but, like you, I still found it to be somewhat of a pain in the tailbone. I'm going to give your mod a go. Thanks for the tip.

Tenny80 says:

I used a handheld staple to do the seat concepts and it worked fine

Denis Railey says:

Great tip.Nothing like a comfortable butt.,lol.

MrKdr500 says:

electric staplers also work fine, just need to make sure the stapler has a long neck for getting into deep spots and only use short (6mm) staples.

Tom Howard says:

Just helping you to understand how the idea occurred to me. 🙂

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