Legal & Illegal Motorcycle Mods

Legal & Illegal Motorcycle Mods

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Justin Echols says:

I live in alabama and i have red leds under my bike and where i live its not illegal

X_MotoLogan says:

Im sure a nuclear cannon on the top of your bike is legal. Right?

iamsobanned says:

My plate is the same way as yours. Perfectly legal according to the CHP officer I had look it up at the station. I had to get a light on the plate though.

For the exhaust it has to be CA legal meaning it cannot alter or remove the catalytic converter. Again straight from the CHP.

Anything mounted to your helmet can only stick out so far hard or soft. I believe it was 1.5 inches or so. I would have to look it up again to find the exact measurement though.

If you go into the CHP station and ask to talk to an officer they will look it up for you and let you know if it is legal or not. As a bonus they will be less likely to pull a gun on you with witnesses nearby.

Bryantrincon413 FAM says:

get the tst tail light its costs a good penny but they are awesome and have different settings i have the tail light, halo turn signals and tail tighty from them and everything was a breeze to install with no cutting or splicing wires just plug and play like factory i just need to put leds under the bike and that front 3rd bulb

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