Motorcycle Comfort Mods: Luxury Long Distance

Motorcycle Comfort Mods: Luxury Long Distance

Riding got your hands cramped, back buckled and bum numb? Here are six motorcycle mods that add comfort and luxury. You’ll be touring the world on that 1973 RD350 after these changes!

0:27 – Puig Clip-On Visor:
1:44 – Crampbuster Throttle Assist:
2:36 – Rox Speed FX Anti-Vibration Bar Risers:
3:18 – Saddlemen TS1450R Backrest Tail Bag:
4:48 – Air Gel Smart Seat Pad:
6:08 – Show Chrome Highway Pegs:
6:28 – Kuryakyn Mini Floor Boards:

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rubensantana91 says:

This dude is hilarious. Subscribe!

MariDuru21 says:

hey, what's the name of the song that is playing at the end?

Will Polite says:

Just buy a Harley.

Perky Jefferson says:

Great! Now i need to get a a couple grand dollars for everything your vids are enticing me to buy

Josh Quick says:

my street glide is literally like riding down the road in a recliner! its pretty amazing

thepassionofthegoose says:

3:26 Great life-hack for trips. Great video as always.

Jordan Taylor says:

Got serious Jeremy Clarkson vibes from this one, especially during the tail bag portion. 10/10

RumblePirate says:

Good job mate… but Clamp buster for 12$, you are royalty… Got mine at 0.8$ , lol…

Willie Linares says:

I’m about to go into the motorbike life and you my friend are giving me much needed advice, thank you very much; you da man!!!

kurt copeland says:

Ryan, you need your own television show. Tons of great info and immensely entertaining. You rock. Keep the momentum.

honour123 says:

All of those features are available on the Burgman (heated seat, grip, raise lower windscreen). Why not just by it.

Durt Digler says:

want comfort buy a harley…

Daniel Blair says:

Getting a dl650… I could use some floorboards. Going cross country me would appreciate that greatly.

Tom Slak says:

LOVE my Saddleman bag!
Cramp Busters are OK. They don't stay put with my foam grips.
My Kuryakin long arm highway mounts & pegs are worth every penny ($80 per side when I bought mine) because they're super adjustable and dampen almost all of the vibes from my '83 Yamaha 750 Midnight Maxim.

Raphael Saavedra says:

Louis Vuitton, Coach, Globe Trotter, Samsomite, and Rimowa should take notes on your videos 😂

51337Nairolf says:

Wahaha The smirk, after you put the "best four" macbooks inside the bag! 😀

Don Boggs says:

Few of those interest me but, your delivery was entertaining. Thanks for the reviews.

Alex leonardi says:

This video is so funnyyyy haha!

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