Motorcycle Mods 1 (Buell Blast)

Motorcycle Mods 1 (Buell Blast)

A video showing what modifications I’ve done to my Buell blast, another one, and what my plans for the future of this bike are.



JaySlays. says:

Any idea where you got the headlights?

Jeremy B says:

can't hear a thing

Anthony William Rich Jr says:

I own two buell blasts, customizing a 2003 had 600 miles on it.
the second 2009, commuter to work till I finish the first bike.
Great bikes, Two bad Harley Davidson QUIT on em.

Vincente Cat says:

Are you reading from a script?

925bubbalicious says:

I have a 05 buell blast with a ktm headlight system.looks and works beautifully.i hated the big huge oval headlight.over all great beginner bike.nice vid man!

Sam Lucero says:

Nice Vid! I have a 2003 Blast. I read poor reviews about the same street fighter face with integrated lights/turn signals on Amazon. How do you like yours? they also appear to be under $20 on amazon, which appears cheap (perhaps poor quality?)

hzuiel says:

The velocity stack is out of production now if I'm not mistaken. Last I heard some guys were looking for a new alternative. If you have a blast, the best site online for finding out info is buell riders online dot com their forum has so much information that is blast specific. Bad weather bikers also has some info for blasts. That's where I found out about all the things i've done on my blast.

hzuiel says:

I've since put the old headlight back on. Are you talking about a twin headlight like the buell xb12s has? or similar to the triumph bikes?

Harry Foster says:

The headlight is horrible, maybe small twin headlight renthal bars?

hzuiel says:

I got mine on ebay, but amazon has some of them too. Look in my video description. There's a link to a whole page of them.

hzuiel says:

I want to get an 1125r, but i might settle for an xb12r.

hzuiel says:

@JustinLcplBryson Ebay. Just search streetfighter headlight and there are numerous options.

Justin B says:

where did you get the headlight are there kinds similar that you can point me too

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