Top 5 Budget Dual Sport Mods

Top 5 Budget Dual Sport Mods

Hermit goes over his top 5 favorite mods on the WR250R for under $50. Then ColoradoDualSport and eveRide jump in with their favorite modes for the DRZ400. Here’s the links for everything mentioned in the video:

Good cheap sprocket gears:


Tail bag:

Burrito Tube:

Burrito Tube clamp:

Burrito Tube video:

Cheap fold away mirrors:

Dual Sport key chain:

Dflex hand guards:

Other hand guards:


eveRide videos on LED headlightsl:

Fender bag with tire spoons:

Bigger grips:

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Raphael Gomes says:

Are the mirrors linked still the same ones? also, from the link, does it only sell one mirror or a set, or do you have to specify left and right?

Skelton Slay8er says:

Iโ€™m looking at buying a Suzuki drz 400 kickstart from from Craigslist and it is yellow, is there any way to change that.

hawk nessen says:

Sprockets, not cogs or gears , gears are in the tranny

Bill Beverly says:

Youโ€™re breathing like your doing the review on Mount Everest…

roco222222 says:

Name the mirrors maybe….

Captain Sam Wilson says:

OK.. , not um good…. Take tips from Tyler…

Emperor Nero says:

"Not yet I'm still talking".

Cole Bergeron says:

When you change sprocket, you have to calibrate your speedo. Even when you get the bike stock, you should always calibrate your speedo.

fsharp 1 says:

Hermit is the Sheldon cooper of dual sport ๐Ÿ˜‚

Henry Angell says:

I recently got a dual sport bike for $100 and you guys are finding it hard trying to find mods under $50

stormperformance says:

Fellows! Old video but thanks for putting in all the links! Very helpful! Adding these links adds quality to the production! Cheers! Good work, your got my support and keep it up!

St George says:

you do sound like Kermit the frog

STF says:

Hello Hermit!Can you tell me a short Review about your skid plate on WR250R

Mark M Rajchel says:

i bought these same mirrors upon your request. Does the trick for sure. Though, you can definitely tell the different in quality between a "real" mirror and these. Just doesnt have the same reflective properties.

Ryan says:

Great video! Just added a couple of items you mentioned to my Amazon cart.

Gerald Van Der Watt says:

Does your friend have to agree with every single word that leaves your mouth?? Because if I had to be Hmm Hmmm'd at so many times I'd rather not do videos with my friends again.

sam ward says:

okay just installed the burrito carrier now I got to work on the pizza carrier??

sam ward says:

nice welder's mask, definitely looks like something out of a Quentin Tarantino movie

Trey Cantrell says:

I'm still talking

Owen Swearengen says:

The link for those grips is broken. Any chance we could get that again? THanks!

Madeit Alive says:


Josh Shank says:

With gearing take and divide the rear sprocket tooth count by the front tooth count to find gear ratio for example 50/13=3.85 Higher number more torque lower number more final drive speed. Helps to mix and match numbers without buying and guessing sprockets just do the math to find what is needed.

DE Nichols says:

I think the closest I've gotten to an "upgrade" for under $50 for my WR250R was choosing a better oil (it was actually cheaper), replacing my breaking brake lever, and maintaining my chain with a good lube.

When it comes right down to it, preventing "down grades" are often my most frequent go to's for keeping me happy with my motorcycle or truck. ๐Ÿ™‚

Scott Mackay says:

Im suprised by the quality of your vids, subbed. Keep up the good work fellas.

matthew riordan-solid axles are the only way to go says:

Where did u get that UCONN jacket?

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