Top 5 Worst Motorcycle Mods (cruisers)

Top 5 Worst Motorcycle Mods (cruisers)

In this video I highlight the top 5 stupidest motorcycle mods owner’s can do to their bikes (specifically cruisers) If this video receives enough interest then I will make a sport bike edition to this video. 🙂

Annnndd… here is the TOP 5 Worst SPORT BIKE mods video, as promised!! –

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Ringo Gingo says:

Flames and load pipes should be taken off your list . Flames are cool as hell and load pipes are even put on super bikes.
Go buy a bike and ride a little so you can get it right.

Al GESBREK says:

I'm with you man….I like ..!..notice my bike is QUIET, COMMFY AND NO MODS…THUMBS UP TO YOU BUD !

Dave Ruoff says:

hilarious !!!!

That0neHippie says:

front brakes on a chopper isnt really needed, i have mine on but i really only use it to stop the bike from rolling on a hill, grabbing it too hard while riding = crash. exhaust wraps are ugly. apes can help if they aren't retardedly high

alwin hugo says:

I disagree on many , but just because thumbs up always good to have another rider out👌🏻👌🏻

Joey Gallegos says:

you are better off with a sportsbike, all the things you listed (except the front brake delete) go hand in hand with a cruiser motorcycle.

Paul Bahre says:

I have heat wrap on both my bikes because I would have to fab custom shields for my custom pipes and I'm not real good a fabbing. Heat wrap is fine to keep the heat from burning holes in my jeans and trust me I have plenty of old jeans with holes in them from exhaust.

Mike Barry says:

Great video!!!!!!!!!! HA!!!!!!

George Feller says:

the guy that made this video is a tool. who cares what each person does to there own bike. it is there's! have fun on your Vespa

Dave Moore says:

Thanks for the loud pipes comment . Those miniature brain loser loudpipers need to grow up and stop making enemies of everyone on the road . Mellow exhaust – OK , Unmuffled straight pipes NO WAY .

Ren mando says:

there is no wrong on this kind of mods specially choppers if its done correctly,true sometimes consider your surroundings if your mods are appealing and the bike still a bike not an grocery looking lol

vulcan rider says:

hes voice alone bothered me from the beginning….

Rock'n RODNEY says:


Josh Ralmin says:

loud pipes can save your life fuck tard

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