Build a Flagstone Pathway In 5 Minutes

Build a Flagstone Pathway In 5 Minutes

My video on how to build a flagstone patio or walkway:
My video on how to cut flagstone:

In this video I share a time-lapse of me building a walkway out of flagstone from my front yard to my backyard. You’ll get to see the entire process including digging down, tamping the dirt, laying down the gravel base, leveling the layer of decomposed granite, placing the flagstones, cutting the flagstones, and finally leveling the flagstones.

I’ve already done a video explaining exactly how to build this step by step, so be sure to watch that. However, I think this will give you a really good idea of what the process actually looks like.

This project took me about twenty hours to complete from start to finish. I completed it over a period of seven days working anywhere from 1.5hrs to 4hrs each day. There’s a lot of digging and it is back breaking work so I wouldn’t recommend doing this for 8 hours a day unless you are used to this type of work already (for example if you install floors for a living.)

I think I could have finished this a bit faster, but I had to dig around a lot of roots from a nearby tree and avoid damaging a sprinkler line in the process. I also had to repair the sprinkler line.



vtvita says:

Superb video!

Kamrin Milburn says:

that was rad! thanks

Dj Roly G. says:

Awesome job 👍! Wish you lived in Florida pay you to do both sides of my property 😁!…great video.

A I says:


CS says:

2 years later

YR says:

The walkway looks amazing! What a great job! Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed about having a flagstone walkway somewhere in my garden when I grew up, well here I am in my 50s and still don't have one. I would have never attempted on doing it but I am curious if you were to pay for the same job you did yourself, what would be the cost for labor / parts where you are? I live in FL and there are plenty of ;landscape architects that's how they call themselves here, and I want to have an idea of what am I dealing with before I call them. Thanks! 😀


what is in the bucket

Trailside Carpentry & Handyman says:

Mr Handyman Startup, Mrod from Denver, formerly Belle Creek, now Trailside Handyman here. Do you do this work for clients anymore. I stopped doing these back breaking jobs for mine, to much time at anyone house scares me now -:)

Siddthekid says:

Looks great man, looks like a hell of a lot of work though! Was this at your house? Or for a client?

James Schenken says:

Nice job. I especially liked the attention to detail in leveling each stone.

Mad Hatter says:

Never worked with flagstones are they not flat on both sides? The part where you're leveling each stone seems to show that

Darrin Lindsey says:

Seems to me, it would take anyone much longer than 5 minutes to build a comparable walkway.

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