DIY Backyard Patio Pavement – A Cool Outdoor Weekend Project

DIY Backyard Patio Pavement – A Cool Outdoor Weekend Project

Website: | Host: Sipski
How to install the patio pavement for your BBQ and outdoor enjoyment. Size: 100 sq.ft, Total cost: $400. Sipski



supertrucker5000 says:

That broom tho

mar gz says:

I liked it. Thank you.

hhova29 says:

Can I buy those stones online? What's the web site?

hhova29 says:

Where did you buy those stones?

Dylan Taylor says:

I agree that this isn't a professional patio and that he didn't take leveling into account. But this is about how well I hope mine turns out by Monday. I don't care if mine will end up in a magazine, I just want to be able to sit in my yard with friends. This has been helpful to me, thank you.

Flavio Dallagasperina says:

Nice video!

Gina O'Niel says:

Sorry but your patio looks horrible. It is very unlevel, and uneven. I see stones sticking up everywhere. I think it is a nice job for an amateur, or just someone who wants to never show it to anyone…but I definitely would NOT be using this as a training video.

kvloveslv says:

Thanks for sharing! Nice video!

Rixar13 says:

I need to watch this video…

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