DIY | Bistro Patio

DIY | Bistro Patio

I’ll show you how I made a quick inexpensive patio for my backyard bistro set!

Toni Scott-Daniel – Producer/Host

Pea Gravel:
Pavestone 12″ Square, Pewter:
Easyflex 30ft No-dig Scallop Edging:
Wal-Mart Brown Color Mulch, 2 cu ft:

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Laura X says:

Great idea. This will definitely work for me!

Mary W says:

I love your channel you are so creative. I'm working on my yard and you inspire me with your ideas because you make it easy and really not permanent so, if a person is renting they can take it all with them if or when they move.

Pretty Flower says:

Very byutiful 💚💜👍

Andrea says:

The fact she have sons and made this cute little outside area, with her husband trying to flex his muscles in the video…. This remind me of baby boy the movie.😂 lol I love your work!

ttricy75able says:

I love this, but what do you do to prevent weeds from growing up thru the ground in between the pavers & gravel?

Happydimples39 says:

This is very nice. I love it. tds☺

hallyandhidalgo says:

Beautiful party, beautiful yard.

N Futrell says:

what was the total cost

Peaches100 says:

I learn so much from you, thank you!

Tru_ Passion says:

Very nice project

Lavern Ann says:

that was simple and easy, thank you very much. God bless you

Jacqueline Greenberg says:

That turned out really nice! How easy!!

Sheila Tatis says:

I will like to see how you going to do your backyard. I'm working on mine and is the first time. is big and old

natalie rolland says:

do you feel you are better than everyone else… oh my gosh.

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