DIY PATIO MAKEOVER PROJECT ( 2020 ) Spring/Summer Porch Decor Ideas

DIY PATIO MAKEOVER PROJECT ( 2020 ) Spring/Summer Porch Decor Ideas

DIY PATIO MAKEOVER PROJECT ( 2020 ) Spring/Summer Porch Decor Ideas
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On todays video i wanted to share wiht you my DIY patio makeover project.
This patio makeover for spring and summer has some ideas for your very own patio or porch makeover. since we have plenty of time i decided to do a DIY PATIO MAKEOVER PROJECT to show you all some easy ideas to make any patio or porch look and feel so cozy.
Ramon at home.




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Ramon - at HOME says:

Good morning everyone, I hope you are having a good week. I hope you enjoy the video this week and be sure to let me know what room you are working on and using the most as of lately. have a blessed week

Joyce Overton says:

Hi Ramon, thank you for sharing, I kill every ferm I buy now I know what I'm doing wrong , how often should I water the plam?

Kath Cardinale says:

Oh my gosh Ramon I have a ‘brown thumb’ too! I purchased two gorgeous palms and a Boston fern last season, I repotted them with the recommended potting soil in new larger pots but I somehow killed them all. 😟 Wishing yours long life 👍

Mary Pond says:

Roman I love all your floral arrangements and floral wreaths because you give us for professional tips and tricks❣️. Sometime I can even take another persons ideas but then when it come to adding the flowers I will use your ideas to give it that professional look❣️. Thank you 😊

Lucia Tifa says:

Hello my friend nice colors beautiful decord stay safe

Jane Woodhouse says:

Ramon, the best way to split up plants is with a serrated knife. I have always done it that way since a got a tip from a good gardener. It’s a great way to have more plants for free. The patio is looking good.

Janet Powers says:

Hi Ramon, love your videos. Love the way you decorated your patio. I love ferns, I always have them hanging on my porch. I live in Virginia and it’s beginning to be warm enough to go out in my yard.You take care.

She'sa beauty says:

Happy Palm Sunday Ramon, hope all is well in S.D, CA. With all of the elements of beauty that you adorned your patio with, I know that it will be the perfect place to retreat to after your grandma has cooked you guys that delicious meal. Enjoy the beauty of it ALL😘.

Billie Bennish says:

Love your tip on the clear glass vases! I love pillows as well, but the dog thinks he is a designer and that they look better in the floor! Love the vintage window wall! As soon as my lock down is over, I'm going to pick some up. We have a half wall between the living and dining area that I'm going to hang from.

Mariza G says:

Lov watching ur videos keep up the awesome job u do stay safe 😷🙂

S Homer says:

Showing the patio was a great idea. It is tranquil and peaceful!

Estrella Perez says:

Hi Ramon. So good you are on!! Great looking arrangement! Stay safe!

Michelle Alsina says:

This is so lovely.

Eleanor R Kuntzi says:

Very nice, Ramon. I enjoyed watching you circle the large leaves in the vase preparing for the arrangements – sure gave it a fresh designer look. Leave it to you! I just made your carrot wreath (love it) and a lantern with bunny for Easter. Doing lots of home projects! Hope your Gramma and Jamison are doing well. Stay safe and healthy-till next time. You are the best – I wish you well now and always!

diane Sanders says:

Very pretty! Great tip with the leaves / clear vase . I've been starting to purge 1 room, then get overwhelmed and move to another without finishing the first! I need to get my act together because my home is looking like a disaster area! Stay safe!

Lisa Sylvia says:

Loved seeing you repotting the plants.

Evie Peavey says:

Watching you on You tube and reading my Bible more!!

Pamela Johnson says:

Nice patio Ramon thanks for sharing

Sheila Stankus says:

How fun! Loved watching you split and transplant the plants. That is my passion!

deida marin g says:

Love, tha patio, is very nice, good palm sunday, thank you. God bless you.

Paul Guerra says:

Thank you Ramon I have a few ideas now for my patio and decks.

lynda sunshyne says:

Love it looks Beautiful

Melody Adams says:


Leslie Boles says:

Thank you Ramon. It's so nice to have some creative inspiration amidst all the negative news news newx…

Diane Riley says:

Beautiful patio!!!

Yolanda Marshall says:

What a pretty patio. So fresh and inviting. I love San Diego. Take care!

Sherry Sajdak says:

Thanks for your videos. I am doing lots of gardening and cleaning with all of my free time at home. Love watching you decorate and garden and just anything!

Amy Johnson says:

As always, a lovely job. You have made such an inviting and peaceful space. Hope everyone in your family is safe and well. Have a wonderful week. Love from Chicago.

melissa griffin says:

Since it's gloomy and rainy today I decided to give my kitchen and tv area a face lift. You inspired me to go with a garden look. I took out all the red pottery and robbed my shed of terra cotta pots. I shopped my decor stash am now going with a cream, green and touches of yellow theme. I'm going to now attempt to paint some artwork. Success or fail? Option 2 will be to frame fabric.

Kiddelina Stafford says:

Mr.Ramon, your room is very pretty,
We are working in our garden and we plant 3 apple trees, 1pear,1 peach.50 strawberry, 2 grape vine. We are planting veggie seeds next and flowers. Then trying to figure out how to make a pretty and kid friendly living room. Stay safe and stay blessed.God will make everything ok, so no be scared or worried.

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