Easy Patio project

Easy Patio project

DIY with cobblestone mold



Jan Davis says:

the last scene was a real disappointment, as sloppy filling in with concrete along the lines made it look terrible. up until then it looked great. also the way he was using that tool right near his knee made me cringe.

jo koe says:

Hey good job!! Just one question where did you buy that mold from?  I've been looking for that mold every where & no one around my part of the country carries it. The only place I can find that makes it is by Quickcrete & I have tried to contact them directly but have yet to get a reply.  I live in Alberta Canada & any info would be great thanks.

I reckon I can build that says:

should have just concreted the lot, would have looked better

Jose Correa says:

Can I do this on top of existing concrete ?

google user says:

When shaving extra Cement, supposed to be moving away from other recent placed patterns to prevent excess from falling in between the prior mold.

Tony Kaye says:

looked a bit wonky at the end…. was it level enough? Didn't notice any levelling base or anything.

Conor says:

finish then sceed or screed then finish? I'm confused now…

Maria Garcia says:

tengo una pregunta
¿se puede pintar el cemento?
Es que quiero que se vea como color ladrillo

Alberto Bianchi says:

avresti fatto meglio comprando le piastrelle o gli autobloccanti?

charles mcmenamie says:

u did a very good job until grinder ….enjoy your knee

Stephen McAvoy says:

And someone paid for that😂

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