flagstone Patio Install

flagstone Patio Install

This video is about patio project new



Joel Rodriguez says:

Look a Good! Did you guys mortar them stones down ?

Levy Cabrera says:

What type of pebbles or dirt is that in between the flagstone

Charles Leary says:

This looks great. Where did you get the firepit insert w/ grill?

Bradley Wilmore says:

Good job fellas!

T says:

Looks like a kinda sloppy flagstone job

Sober Man says:

I usually install those flagstones on fresh concrete

Veronica Llamas says:

I’m sorry I kind of didn’t like it, not your fault though. That’s what the customer wanted. Patio could have looked much better maybe without the fire pit in the middle. I’m so over sod though. I installed it myself in my previous house twice (I’m inexperienced and the first batch was awful , they replaced it though that’s why I installed it twice ). I’m catching up on flagstone videos because it’s my next project. Keep up the good work, I love landscaping, wish I could do that instead of my current job.

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