How to Build a Floating Deck

How to Build a Floating Deck

A ground-level floating deck (or detached deck) is a great way to add entertaining space to your backyard. We’ll walk you through each step, from planning & framing, to installing deck boards & decorating.

Products used:
Deck blocks –
2×6 joists –
Paver base –
Joist hangers –
1.5″ joist hanger nails –
Double joist hangers –
Deck anchor –
Trex deck boards –
Trex fascia boards –
Hidden deck clips –
Composite deck screws –
Waterproof tape –
Wire mesh –
Pneumatic palm nailer –
DeWalt planer –
Bosch router –
Slot cutter –
Slot cutting arbor –

Dining table –
Dining chair –
Post light –
Lanterns –
String lights –
Wood planter boxes –
Outdoor rug –
Hanging basket –

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Tyler Olivo says:

Dude wrong fasteners for the deck boards then you proceed to those INCORRECT fasteners for the fascia… you literally just showed people how to void their trex 25yr warranty…. bravo

gapipkin says:

If the Egyptians had any of these tools, we'd be living on Mars by now.

J Lester says:

Why go to all the trouble to remove the sod? Why no just spray it with roundup? Seems like a waste of time to do that.

Show Snooker says:

hello,4cm joist ok?

Stejay says:

I would love to build something similar, but I am wondering if the structure will stay level over time without sunken footings.

Xiaofeng Liu says:

Hi, this deck is so lovely! I would like to build one with 15×18 feet for my own. Would you please provide me the material list I shall buy? Thanks a lot in advance!



Andrew Benson says:

That would be nice to build. Hey if Lowe’s wants to pay for it for my backyard then I’ll be on video and build it🤪

Ankit Gupta ( Market Platform - VS) says:

Too much use of wood, only for fancy thing. Save trees, save planet.

Mr. K says:

Great little how-to video…
Except, what happens when that tree grows and the trunk gets bigger and bigger? 🤔

Lady Drone says:

What would have been wrong with treating the two end beams the same as the centre beam, and screw everything into place within the blocks? ls it just to add the fascia? Seems like a waste.

木杨树 says:

Wow, it's refreshing, it's stunning for a guy who grew up in a race country. I can't help but sigh that americans are really hardworking

Suj Puj says:

did you guys treat the wood for termites?

Jonathan Castro says:

This was so inspiring I went and took the weeds out of my grass

Hector Rojas says:

Blablablablabla….. blablablablabla…………… blablabla

Maple017 says:

Didn't quite catch it, but did you also put some mesh around the tree to prevent animals from getting in that way? Love the deck!

Norman Hackless says:

my thank to you sir

John McDonald says:

Very well explained, most appreciated.

MixEngineer615 says:

Good night!! Are you parking a tank on there?! Why so many deck block?? Why do attached decks get away with getting so few contact points to ground vs a floating deck?

SuperJhong says:

Beautiful Area 😍😍

Bro Hok says:

Really Love

Thomas says:

He sounds like he is from Illinois.

Agreeable Dragon says:

I like that. what is the cost?

Truth Wins says:

Why did you double the boards on the outer frame on one side, but not the others?

Secret ! says:

19:21 all those lips sticking up…


Wonderful job!

Christian Bowen says:

Wow! Amazing to see how this project is done and how the right tools make a difference. If I wanted to build a deck, I'd hire a person like Jay, send him a link to this video, tell him to go to Lowe's, and then sit back and watch him build it!

A Stanton1966 says:

I've learned the hard way.  For the cost of a few extra floor joists, you should stiffen any shed floor or deck by laying the joists out 12" on center instead of 16".

IAmThatIAm says:

Can you do a floating deck against the house or does it always have to be attached if near the house.

Eddie3074 says:

I'm a data scientist and I feel like an idiot watching this in its entirety and still having no clue where to start… sigh

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