how to build a Raisd patio area

how to build a Raisd patio area

This short film demonstrates how T Mennell and Sons installed a Raised patio area in the back garden of a domestic property and transformed it into an attractive, practical and safe modern area.

In the video it shows how we built the retaining wall and steps for the new raised patio area, the main patio area was installed using block paving, to see more great videos and get ideas for your next garden project, why not visit our websites for DIY advice and ideas on garden patios to driveway designs.

We provide comprehensive advice, on landscape surveys, design plans and paving materials, to get you started on your projects.



Shirt Johnson says:

Had to watch a 5 minute and 34 second ad to watch a 2 and a half minute video. JFC.

paul Drew says:

how did you make sure it sloped away from the house.

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