How to: Build and install block fire ring and flagstone patio

How to: Build and install block fire ring and flagstone patio

Step-by-step instructions on how to install a great fire ring and flagstone patio in a weekend!!



Steve Milliren says:

Very helpful. Thank you.

Bon Summers says:

pitch: rise to span , slope: rise to run

Brian Hampton says:

Why no responses to comments. The flagstone retainer (paver retainer) brand or source.? Did you hut the outside of the flagstone to better fit circle? A great video but 0 follow up. That makes this a 3 instead of a 5.

Scott Ogilvie says:

Where did you get galvanized tube?

Richard Bastar IV says:

Awesome video guys, appreciate it! It would be nice to see how you level in the flagstones or how you level in the fire ring blocks, but that's pretty self-explanatory, ha.

Harout Hagopian says:

this is stupid presentation, he never showed when placing fire pit, nor showed how to lay flag stones, this clip and dum dum clip 🙂

Hammer CK says:

Great video. You explained the install in a good time frame. Nice clean work. One question though. Do you have a drain hole in the pit for the water when it rains.

Joseph McDade says:

Very informative. Where can you source this SnapEdge?

Stephen G. Barr says:

Exactly what i was looking for thank you!

Sacapuntas says:

That looks amazing! Nice job sir.

Antique A. Hicks says:

how much do you charge for this project

A says:

Thanks for the video. Great job!!

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