HOW TO LAY A FLAGSTONE PATIO: Using Gator Base Instead of Gravel

HOW TO LAY A FLAGSTONE PATIO: Using Gator Base Instead of Gravel

This week on DIY MOM Rebekah and Lennon lay a Flagstone Patio in their back yard with the help of Chris Little from Neat Lawn Care Landscaping.

Learn the proper steps to laying a stone patio that will last a life time, using natural stone that is easy to lift and lay even for those who are not used to hard, heavy physical labour.

We saved hours of heavy lifting by using Gator Base instead of Gravel as a base for our Flag stones.

Thank you to our sponsors, The Stone Depot, Stebran Resources and Neat Lawn Care for making this project possible!



Shahila Siddiqui says:

Good job looking grate !👍🤔🇨🇦

Will Hammond says:

Thanks DIY Mom! I wish you could have shown us how to install those lights too!

straightblast100 says:

Anyone have estimates of costs here?

Mrs. KB. says:

cutest little helper, you could't have done it without her (smile) This was a beautiful job done! Thanks, for sharing.

Damon Khan says:

How to lay flagstone patio or how to make a movie about your kid ?…make your mind.
Don't get me wrong, she is cute af but this is not why im here.

Marina Diaz says:

Great tutorial, I've got my Spring 2017 project ready.  Thank you.

Franks DIY says:

I just loved that little doll. Reminds me when my kids were that age and I always involved them in my stuff even had their own hammers and screwdrivers. Great job I'm going to subscribe

Abcdefg Gfedcba says:

Thanks for the educational video. I learned a lot.

FungoLingo says:

Adorable family. Awesome video.

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