How to Pour a Backyard Concrete Patio DIY

How to Pour a Backyard Concrete Patio DIY

On this project we work for a DIY guy, a Weekend warrior who did a lot of the work in his backyard himself! All we did was come in to pour the backyard concrete patio. Let us know your thoughts on this guys custom reclaimed wooden wall! Dont forget to LIKE,SHARE,SUBSCRIBE, & COMMENT for any questions you may have!

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A Boogie Wit Da Goodies says:

πŸ—£ That wall πŸ”₯😍

Ryan A says:

What’s the name of the song in the background?

Peter says:

Nice home owner project! Excellent concrete work!

Nermin Kurtic says:

Best concrete channel ever

David Hughes says:

Great videos!! One of the most amazing things about them is that your the owner but you actually WORK! Most owners just stop by to tell you-you're taking too long and to hurry the hell up!! And also your from Orange County, California but still have a few white guys here & there on your crew!! That's as rare as a photo of The Lochness Monster in the O.C. area when it comes to concrete contractors!! Do you buy any of your tools at Roseburoughs in Anaheim?

Trent Taylor says:

Ive never see that style of broom for finishing concrete in Canada that's like a broom i would broom my garage with, I'm not knocking nothing at all sir your really the king of concrete im a finisher myself love watching your videos

thediscobar says:

What is the first song playing in the background? I feel like I've heard dozens of youtube channels play that same song. Is it royalty free or something?

gmguy156 says:

I have a situation at my home. The previous owner added a porch to the house and didnt pour a footer infront of the patio.
The overpour is only 2” and dirt is washing out in some places: not really bad, but want to fix it before it gets worse.
One gut told me to dig 30” footing with a bell on the bottom then install a rubber liner against the area of issue. He said then pour all the way over where it will meet the rubber and this will help my water issue. He said come a foot above grade to have like a wall.
How do you pour a bell though? Is there a good resource for this.
Its a unique situation im in and want to approach it best as possible before just adding a 3’ walkway around the perimeter.

Concrete ninja says:

Nice work mate πŸ‘ I like that little screed πŸ‘Œ

plummy truckin says:

What would you suggest for an individual that wants to do an 11x24x4 garage floor by his self no ability to get the concrete delivery so mixing bags is the only option and also cant I cant get help with any of the processes?

awesome11991 says:

looks good odell

Hello Goodbye says:

Looks good, but why didn't the owner re-brick the channel with the pipe instead of cementing it.

Kevvo says:

What is the intro song called?

thunder0ne100 says:

Odell do you have a video on what tools and what concrete trowels are used. when to use blue steel or a wood trowel. Thanks your videos are great

Titanium Brick says:

Intro song? I recognize it but just can’t remember

Danuser says:

Looks like it's going to be an awesome outdoor man cave.

RJM@54 says:

RJM@54 8/2/2018
did the homeowner appear in this video

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