How to Pour a Backyard Concrete Patio & Fix Old Lose Brick Borders

How to Pour a Backyard Concrete Patio & Fix Old Lose Brick Borders

In this video we show you how to Pour/Place a concrete backyard patio! We also show you how to repair lose brick borders around concrete. This backyard was curved so we had to use flexing wood to get our forms in and put a few drain lines in for the water to drain. We Hope this video and information in the video is helpful!
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Josaphat Gusmao says:

Great job. Congrats from Brasil.

Sachin Dath says:

Could you do a video about the important things to consider when pouring a walkway around the house? I have sand erosion problem, in heavy rains our updated gutters still can't handle the rain due to slope and size of roof. I'm trying to use a walkway as a break for the water to help with the slowly exposing slab foundation.

S Monroe says:

I am planning to put in a 42'x16' backyard patio with a few curved corners. What material do you use for your curved forms? Would I need to use rebar w/ 2' grid? I am in Washington and am planning on putting in 3" of compacted 5/8 gravel base. Thanks

Sandhya Bhoir says:

Excellent job by David Odell and his team.I want to see how u mix concrete i mean quantity of cement,sand,gravel and water?..plz upload for the same

Myron Smith says:

When are you going to throw on some Stucco

Myron Smith says:

Another tight job

Don Doyle says:

I suppose it depends on the weather but roughly how much time do you have from initial rodding until broom finish? Because the videos are frequently sped up, its hard to tell.

Fair Weather Foundry says:

Do you ever do jobs where you keep the perimeter lines caused by the edger? I think it looks really nice, especially along a curved perimeter. It kind of looks ornate. Maybe I am just weird lol.

Jere616 says:

Another great video! Question: Can the broom be used like a float if the concrete has just light lines or irregularities? I was thinking that watching the guy at the end.

Stephen Mau says:

Great work on all your videos. I am trying to plan and diy my backyard patio. I am trying to tie in the existing concrete to the new one. I noticed on this video the depth is roughly 3.5 -4". Is that recommended? And you didn't use any rock base do I need it? I have clay soil if that matters.

mike cordero says:

Nice job again.  For this case, how long and how often per day would you ask the customer to spray water on the cement for a good cure?  Thanks for any info.

Daniel Lopez says:

Niiiiiice!! 👍

Ryan Cook says:

Is the broom finish just to make a non slick surface?

Alexander Zessin says:

Just wanted to let you know i really enjoy watching these videos and look forward to drinking a beer with you in the future

Reckless Savage says:

I have to be up at 430 tomorrow got a big pour going in the am 🙂

mjcapo1 says:

What a soothing voice he has lol

Craig Fletcher says:

David, LOVEEEEEE your videos man. Me and my whole family are addicted. We basically dont even watch TV much anymore at night lately, because, as soon as I fire your videos up on my laptop, my two girls and sometimes the wife, come sit down beside me and watch them with me for hours. We are about to run out of vid's to watch actually. LOL. I actually own a residential / commercial Insulation company (Attics, walls, floors, etc. mostly new residential and commercial & a lot of retro (existing homes) attics, floors, ground covers, etc. ) so I am on job sites everyday and see concrete being poured, finished, etc. and dude I can promise you that NO ONE is doing with the character, quality, and craftsmanship you guys are. Great to see people taking pride in workmanship again. Anyway, just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much we appreciate you making them and man I wish you lived closer to Columbia, SC (which is were were we live), your work is AWESOME MAN> However, I dont think I could afford the "Travel Fee" from California to South Carolina for you and your team to come pour me a drive and a few walks. LOL ! Take care man, & GREAT JOB!!

mr grumpy says:

it looks nice.

James Watson says:

Do you just leave the concrete to air cure or do you sprinkle with water, as many people advise?, great video

movingforward says:

How much was the entire job?

doug swam says:


tsx3214 says:

The most conscientious concrete installer I know or ever saw!

josh cochran says:

why do you pour on dirt I have done it for twenty years on we always put 3/4 minus or road mix down first . where I come from its a big no to pour on dirt/mud and it doesn't finish as nice either .. I watch your stuff so don't get me wrong

Tahir Chaudhry says:

Where do u dump your concrete and garbage? How much does it cost?

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