How to Pour a Beginners Concrete Slab Walkway – DIY

How to Pour a Beginners Concrete Slab Walkway – DIY

In this Video we go over the basics of laying concrete down. We go over grading dirt forming and how to finish the concrete walkway! Great DIY project for helping keep rain run off water out of your house with a new fresh concrete slab! We hope you find this video enjoyble and helpful! and if it is give us a LIKE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE! Comment if there are any questions you may have! Thank you all !

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ThePianoMan1953 says:

I'm an amateur (DIYer). I'm getting ready to cut out a cracked section in the middle of my back 12'X14' patio section. (cutting it out 3' wide X 12' long, up to the house, will remove the diagonal crack) I have a question out of curiosity. At 7:00 minutes, your work looks 98% finished, then at 7:30 you put in your wet joints. Still looks great. But, at 8:20, your worker gets on those "cement shoes?" May I ask, what is he doing and why is what he's doing necessary? Couldn't you have just smoothed it all out with the long "pole trowel" then broom it?

Jack T says:

Great video. Missing "Cure and Seal".

Elijah Duloglo says:

If you work with pervious concrete, what acidic cleaner would you recommend to use to clean it with. Got a pervious driveway that looks terrible.

Jere616 says:

Yep, good rodding by your son.

Josh Luna says:

David, can you please explain why no expansion joint next to existing home foundation was needed? Great work!

Concrete ninja says:

Nice work bro 👌👊

MARKIE D says:

How long do you have to wait to use the trowel and smoothing out the concrete each time?

thethrill04 says:

Really nice work.

Blue Phoenix says:

How much does this sidewalk job start at?

Fred Berfal says:

nice job very professional

Gerryl Huyo-a says:

This is my husband's account. I liked and subscribed ur channel without him knowing 😎 good job !

Bike Vids says:


Louie Morales says:

How much you charge for this job?


How much did that coast?

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