How to Pour, Stamp, and Seal a Colored Concrete Backyard Patio

How to Pour, Stamp, and Seal a Colored Concrete Backyard Patio

In this Video we go from start to finish on a Stamped Colored concrete backyard patio with a sealer. We show you how we demo, form, pour, and stamp a roman slate colored concrete design. We hope all these tips throughout the video help you on your next concrete patio project! Check out our new STEEMIT account!

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robbie roche says:

great job lab very detailed for ppl to follow

Fresh Impact Co. says:

Awesome videos keep it up great videos to learn about various techniques. šŸ˜Š

Renzo M says:

I had somebody install stamped concrete. they did a bad job and I was left with some bad joints and the floor full of that release used for the stamp. they swept the floor and cleaned it lightly with a water hose. they said the seal gets applied after a month. since I'm stuck with it, should I wash it regularly or use pressure washer to clean it completely?….I was told by somebody else that is a good idea to use the water hose very often to help it cure better

Manju Bhatti says:

10 out of 10!

Tohka Yatogami says:

Can you please tell me the brands of those concrete groovers

sypher0101 says:

the cement has a pattern through it (it's not smooth). Is this what 'stamping' does? imprints a pattern into the cement ?

Richard Keck says:

Great looking work! Can you tell me who makes that landscape edging you use for your radius forms? I cannot seem to find that stuff anywhere but Ive seen you use it on a couple videos. Looks like good stuff!

Mission Dan says:

David, you know i have the utmost respect for your work and despite being in the trade i still learn a lot from your videos. I urge you to look at patreon and join so i can at least donate to your channel in some way.

Mack's Landscaping Construction says:

Good job, I can watch this all day.

Servando Vasquez says:

Can you make a video on how you measure and calculate the amount of yards you need for a job?

DBNation says:

I love these videos there so satisfying

Brian Miller says:

Great video, I appreciate you sharing the process.

I've got a couple questions.

1) Is there no need for an expansion joint where the pad adjoins the home slab?

2) I can't tell how close you are to the brick ledge. Shouldn't the pad be lower than the brick/siding or whatever the wall is made from? I've been told to leave a 1" or greater gap between the pad and brick/siding due to inspectors wanting a visual to check for termites/bug intrusion. Some places have it written into city/county code, but others don't, it does make sense.

Ani Mali says:

Remember:dust can cause lung tumor. Protect yourselves with good quality mask

arkansas13 says:

Very nice, great color!

Richard Parkins says:

What a wonderful craftsman and fantastic videos with the ongoing commentary. I was in this industry and can appreciate the level of knowledge this man has. His standard of work and the finish he achieves is outstanding. Please keep them coming. Thank you

Ken Miles says:

Ive watched all your videos an it looks like you work a lot harder rodding when you use a lot of diferent pumpers… Big AL's pumping makes it look like you work a lot easier on your back, why don't you use him ever time

SurvivalCoupleTX says:

The commentator sounds just like Robbie Lawler from UFC

DjSource20 says:

What was the overall cost to the customer? Iā€™m looking to have something similar done in my backyard. Concrete removal and a new pour with texture

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