How to Rebuild a patio for beginners- Step by Step DIY Guide to make an Old patio look like new

How to Rebuild a patio for beginners- Step by Step DIY Guide to make an Old patio look like new

The best part about paver patios- They can be re-used over & over. We show you how to rebuild a patio or sidewalk, use polymeric sand, Plus how to seal a patio on a backyard or front yard brick paver landscape project.



Independent Automobile Repair Shop says:

You are passionate about your work. Thank you.

Voodoo Melon says:

Do any of your techniques differ for laying patio slabs (approx 24x24in)? Can you use sand in the larger 1/2 inch gaps? Same 1 inch layer of sand underneath? Can you get away with a lesser base with slabs? Thanks!

mo analyssa says:

I need my porch and backyard area redone <3 come to my house!

Scott H says:

Great video Stan.  You do a great job at on your content and the teaching. Thanks man!

Zach Michaelis says:

The Glossy sealer in the winter with light dry snow……Yea it sucks

Ted John says:

I just watched a video and you said you liked just sand not polymeric sand. Which is it?

James Whitehead says:

excellent videos, thanks for taking the time to post them

Adam Khan says:

is a sealer a must

MSG Shillingford says:

your videos are outstanding, thanks.

Noah Problemo says:

Dumb question time, what type of sand did you use as the base for the pavers? Did you do anything to this Sand before compacting it as in wet it or add some type of binder? Thanks for the video.

kirk henike says:

In canada we have to mitigate for more permafrost heaving, we try and avoid using sand as it holds more water than other products, if you look into stone dust youll find you wont have to worry as much about plate packing after you lay if you only use 1/2 inch

Julius Voo says:

just learned something new . Thank you !

makthaknife says:

Have you ever tried gator brand poly? Far superior product to sakrete

DJ Richard CREST says:

Question: does quik crete work well too?

shawn says:

Think most of it was cause they used wayyyyy to much sand. We always went with 2 inches of sand and anything under that was crushed gravel the. Left them all like an 1/8 high hit them with a plate compactor and it brought them level with what it’s suppos to be. Also with Polly sand from what I learned when you activate it you never want puddles running on the patio cause the glue comes out of the sand and puts a haze over the pavers.

Money Myers says:

Your advice is amazing I look forward to watching new videos keep them coming

Columbia Water Gardens says:

Great video! Thanks for the things to beware of! 🙂

MHammer says:

Your video of this project shows much more of the project and more detail than the past Home Time episodes. You were doing more than they ever showed, great video.

Jimmy Patterson says:

Alliance gator polymeric sand works great

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