Make a paver, cobblestone or brick walkway or patio with Walkmaker complete project

Make a paver, cobblestone or brick walkway or patio with Walkmaker complete project

How to make a paver, cobblestone, brick walkway, patio or Firepit Area using Quckrete and Walkmaker or Pathmate molds.



SuNnY DaY says:

I was looking for a tutorial on how to use the walk maker. Your video is the best one and your project turned out absolutely*BEAUTIFUL*

Krum Usainski says:

nice job man, i'm going to make my new back yard next spring, thanks for sharing.

Mike Martin says:

Good job man! I really like your work!!! Looks great!!!!!


Amazing.. Great job

Vero Cimon says:

The comercial says to use 80 lbs bag for 1 mold but you are saying that 80 lbs can do 1.5 mold? How is your cement today ? Does it still look good ?

FiveAMSkateSesh says:

I don't much like how the gravel looks around the fire pit, but that's just personal preference. This was a great tutorial, and I'll certainly use it for future reference.

James Watson says:

Would be very useful to know how it is holding up, seems like the path was laid on top soil, can't be very stable

sarplaninac13 says:

Looks nice although i believe that 1/4 turn seems to have confused you at times. Should have made sure to have compacted the area and level it off before laying the molds down. Whats with the gloves?

brayan pacheco assias says:

Lo que yo quisiera saber que se le echa a las juntas de cada piedra

Habeb Saeed says:

Hi there, how bags of cement did you use and what's the size of the molder?

SINCLR NewZealand says:

wow thats awesome dude!

Michael Buss says:

Beautiful my friend!  I love it

tater0909 says:

Looks good man! Good job on everything. I'm starting tomorrow on a sidewalk project using the walkmaker.

Kevin Rivera says:

Hey Nice Video!! Can you share how much was the entire cost of the materials and the list of the materials?
Thanks 🙂

David Croft says:

Top class job. Thank you for a great tutorial.

Rachel Mooney says:

Looks great and really looking forward to doing my garden now!

nalle479 says:

I started this project painted the cement red but now efflorescence is coming out and it looks white, did it happened to you?

Charles Lee says:

How much concrete did you use per temper

Gloria Pittman says:

looks gorgeous! what did you use to edge the pink rock surrounding the walkmaker patio?

b capel says:

Unbelievable! Excellent video! Thank you for sharing!

Team Freemack says:

This looks great but I noticed you didn't lay down a 2-3 inch compacted hardcore beneath the pavers. Elsewhere I'm looking online the pro's are insisting this is essential to avoid subsidence or movement of stones after frost-thaw. How is your patio holding up? I have laid my stones following your video but not fixed them in place yet. I'm tempted to take them all up and put the hardcore down, then re-lay them.

Sunny Fan says:

beautiful paver

Ray Hensley says:

to save money on coloring these stones, I have found that there is no need to color them on the interior, so I just mixed up some of the coloring powder with water in a spray bottle and after the stones are well dried I sprayed the colored water on the stones and let it soak in doing a fine job using about 1/10th of the coloring powder.Works for me. By the way…these concrete stones will take concrete paint pretty well too.

Alfredo & Andrea says:

care to give advice how to remove the grass
I hate my backyard and I really want to do something with it but don't want to guess how to do it and suddenly I have a fucked up back yard.

sweepernutt says:

very very nice!!! good job!

Laurie Flores says:

looks really nice…

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