My Affordable Patio Project! DIY Pompeii Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Gazebo, and More!

My Affordable Patio Project! DIY Pompeii Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Gazebo, and More!

One of my summer projects to my house before classes began! This was the largest project i have ever taken on! But it was a fun one. I got to develop a bunch of new skills in masonry which is always good! Im very pleased with the outcome!



Galactusz007 says:

Pretty impressive!

gweedolb89 says:

I watched for 40 minutes waiting to see a cooked pizza. Bro

Panorea Pan says:

now you have to make a video of a bbq party ! : )

Snap exoskeleton says:

Bro, kudos. That's a great way of family bonding.

Gerald Smith says:

where is this job at Vinny  not exactly what state?

2815Juan says:

Do it yourself projects are always rewarding. But extend that vent pipe out the roof. It's easy to do. I have a brick oven and I know what your breathing isn't good

Andrew Elsworthy says:

Mate ive never seen someone work so fast great job great video gave me some good ideas CHEERS.

Sam Haveaguess says:

A lot of work there mate !!! Looks fantastic ! wish i had the time and patience to achieve something like this !! I see the boss keeps comming out to make sure your doing it right ! Ha ha ha (wife?) I have 1 question though as i didnt notice it in the video !! How did you anchor the gazebo down !! Where i am that would be an illegal build without anchor so would love to know how you did it if you have to there !!! Once again !!! Looks really amazing! ! Well done on a good job !!

MsSSnow says:

Very nice, you and your family are very hard workers. I do have a question. The way the chimney is on the brick oven, does it smoke up the gazebo area?

Pamela Chadwell says:

WOW! Beautiful!

Craig Alstott says:

Great project with family and friends. Enjoy!

Helmut Hernandez says:

It looks really great, I also spotted Wilson from Home Improvement in minute 23:26 top right corner

Vinny Gjokaj says:

As of about now I've made about 60 pizzas in the oven and it works great! So far no cracking anywhere!! I hope that who ever watches this video gets inspired to do there own projects and not be afraid to take it and make it as big as they wanted! In the end i love looking at the patio and just being in awe and looking back to what it took to get it done!

José J. Mantrana says:

Vinny, Great job. I think you also need a new roof on the house;)

russell jones says:

My Affordable Patio Project! DIY Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Gazebo, Mosaic Granite Floor! are you serious how much just in material would your dad charge me AFFORDABLE your ass hurts from talking out of it. absolutely the best I've seen by the way. ya spoiled brat lol

Olivier Malascrabes says:

Nice one very inspiring !

Edward Tyndall says:

totally awesome bro i love the granite

Best Access Doors says:

Spectacular work! Will you be doing more videos on this topic soon?

wooosh wooosh says:

Great job, I had to stop half way through and take a nap I got tired watching you. Hope you do a follow up video when you cook a pizza to see how they turn out. Thanks for the video.

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